Decoding dynamics of gut microbiome in response to dietary fiber

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Dietary fiber in general is thought to be beneficial for intestinal health. Its effect on the composition and life function of the gut microbiome, however, varies greatly in humans.

Previous research has shown that everyone’s response to fiber depends on the source internal microbiomebut the nature of the conditions underlying microbiota modification during fiber consumption has not been elucidated.

Recently, however, researchers from the Shenzhen Institute of Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proposed an environmental model to assess the nature of the intestinal microbiome in response to it. dietary fiber.

Their research is published in ISME newspaper on May 21.

The researchers provided detailed information on the microbiota of mice to study environmental sources for improved responses and sources for dietary fiber. From the timeline, they match one biology product for the mice gut microbiome, which describes a group of bacteria that have grown significantly in response to inulin.

High levels of ice and strains of these pathogens have revealed the root-dependent origin of the microbiome and the bacterial cell line of the short chain. Such fatty acids are major metabolites that lead to the fermentation of dietary fiber and offer a variety of health benefits.

This environmental model can also be applied to timeline data for human and natural intestinal pathogens to respond to food fiber. Fiber responses of synthetic resins and human interactions can be further enhanced in vitro.

“Our research shows that role model can be used as an effective tool for assessing environmental drivers and interactions in low-income communities, ”said Professor Dai Lei, author of the study.

This study provides an environmental approach to assess the ability of the gut microbiome to respond to food fiber. It is important to understand the normal response of the gut microbiota and can lead to the development of nutritional strategies to regulate intestinal conditions precisely microbiome.

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Hongbin Liu et al, Ecological environment of the gut microbiome to respond to food fiber, ISME newspaper (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41396-022-01253-4

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Decoding dynamics of gut microbiome in response to dietary fiber Source link Decoding dynamics of gut microbiome in response to dietary fiber

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