Deavan Clegg Mourns After Suffering Miscarriage

For the last few months 90 days fiancée Alum has been a bank leg Involved in a public feud with General Evans..

But while she clashes with the shameful former Teen mom 2 The villain became a hot topic, Devan had something else in her mind.

Recently, fans have been buzzing with unconfirmed rumors that Divan is pregnant.

But the truth is much sadder than that.

On Wednesday, June 9th, Divan Craig spokeswoman Lindsey Feldman said: We weekly..

“Sadly, I had a miscarriage nine weeks before April,” said Devan.

“This is a private matter she is saddened with, with the support of Chris and her family,” Feldman said.

This is tragic news for two 24-year-old mothers.

It must also be devastating to Topher Park-called Chris in the statement.

Devan and Topher have been dating since last summer.

Topher is particularly praised for stepping up to the paternal role of Devan’s children.

Devan has a daughter, Drasila, and a son, Taeyeon.

Of course, getting pregnant with Taeyang led her to an unlucky marriage with ex-Ji Hoon Lee.

Topher has been there for Devan since returning from South Korea with his children.

Traumatized and emotionally exhausted, she felt at ease with her family and friends.

Her friendship with Topher soon blossomed into romance.

The intimacy of Devan and Topher made many speculate that they were engaged.

In fact, the presence of an eye-catching ring caused rumors of engagement.

However, they later revealed that they were not involved at this time.

This miscarriage is bad news that is particularly damaging to Devan.

As we all saw, she had a miscarriage in 2019.

Her sadness, which was shared with her ex-Jihun at the time, 90th fiance: vice versa Season 2.

Ji Hoon Lee comforts Divan Craig after a miscarriage

The broken heart was more painful than necessary.

Divan’s miscarriage was consistent with news that her pregnancy was leaked on social media.

Tragedy can be exacerbated when the whole world unknowingly discusses your private loss.

Hearing rumors about pregnancy a few weeks after yet another miscarriage must have recalled some very bad memories.

Miscarriage is already a traumatic loss.

At this time, our hearts are directed towards Divan and Topher.

Unfortunately, Divan was like a “punching bag” for some people. 90 days fiancée fan.

This is primarily due to a very fraudulent edit in Season 2. Conversely..

One argument, deliberately out of context by the show, gave the haters all the excuses they needed.

The disliked person could suddenly see Divon as an undisturbed “victim” who was doing his best.

These same non-fans have voiced on social media about their thoughts on her moving to Topher and dating.

Many of the same people who once called Divan a fool for marrying Zihoon lamented in anger when she left him.

Some of them seemed to be dissatisfied with Topher helping Devan take care of her children.

In real life, it is perfectly normal for long-term partners to help each other in parenting and play a parenting role.

And given Criminal accusation of horrific abuse against JihunIsn’t it good that Drasila and Taeyang have? positive Parental existence?

Deavan Clegg Mourns After Suffering Miscarriage Source link Deavan Clegg Mourns After Suffering Miscarriage

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