Deadly sin and workplace

T.He is arc The current administrator’s way of thinking is bent towards the virtue. It is cooperation to make the team rumbling. The low -ego empathy is a completely modern boss’s characteristic. The purpose is as important for employees as salaries. Society looks as big as shareholders. However, appealing to people’s better properties and ignoring their vicious is an incomplete approach. Also, what is always good for your career is not a great thing.

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Let’s take a look at the seven deadly sins and seven deadly sins in the Christian tradition. Virtue is purity, modification, charity, diligence, kindness, patience, and humility. Valices are lust, glossy, greed, lazy, squirrels, anger, and pride.

As a whole, the first series of quality is emulated by the manager. Neither chaste’s charity or cheerful gluttony is not enough to recommend them as a management spirit. However, there is only one lawsuit waiting for it. Haddy is obviously lazy. Greed is outdated. Harvard’s business her school, her AIYESHA DEY and her co -author, may be a warning sign for misconduct or untruffable risks. discovered. Pride is also more and more problematic.

However, sacrifice is rare, and the sinfulness can be underestimated. For example, consider envy. Designed, organizations depend on competition as well as cooperation. A kind person may be satisfied with praising the success of others. A jealous person will see someone to catch up.

Psychologists distinguish jealousy and benign. One is that people try to fill the gap in status by reducing others. The other is the motivation to improve your performance. In a recent paper by Daniel Tassing at Buffalo and his colleagues, the third type of action was discovered. The people skip and quit their jobs to avoid envy emotions. Understanding such emotions is a step to use them.

Pride can also lead to bigger efforts (not only huge signatures). In an elegant paper that examined the performance of German fighter pilots during World War II, Philip Aiger and other researchers at the University of Manheim have promoted their personal competitiveness. I found it. When the pilot was recognized in the daily bulletin to the German army, the friends who flew together in the past doubled their efforts. But it wasn’t humble.

Patience may be a virtue, but it is not always the best qualities as a leader. Studies on the effects of the manager’s mood on performance are quite thin. CEOof tv set He concluded that the expression of anger and fear is associated with improving profitability in the next quarter. But tolerance is obviously too much. Anyone who has worked in the office knows that only his boss’s anger may be the only way to move things.

Greed is not recognized in a polite society, but greed is still a motivation for many people. In their research. CEO Action Day and her co -author have defined excessive materialism as having twice as valuable as a regional house in the region. We own a car of $ 75,000 or more. Or owns a boat exceeding 25 feet.In her sample CEOS, completely 58% checked one or more of these boxes. Only 42% answered that they were frugal.

Burning may not be ignited, but there is a good side effect of hierarchies that characterize companies. In a research experiment to assign a high -ranking role and a low -ranking role to strangers, and put them in the room together, it was found that those who were in an authoritative position would help more biscuits than others. Even goodwill may do bad things if you get power.

If management is to make the most of people, it helps to understand not only basic actions but also noble behavior. Employees are human and humans are complicated. They aim to improve the world and like their pools very much. They want to guide people who are not blessed and want to see their rivals miserable. They grab the biscuits.

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