Day 3 of men’s tournament

RJ Davis scored the most goals by 30 points with a goalless draw in extra time, and eighth-placed North Carolina dropped 25 points in the second round but still found the way to the win. Baylor holding the trophy with a score of 93-86 for the second time. round of NCAA tournaments on Saturday.

Brady Manek had 26 great points of the season before being sent off due to a hamstring injury in the middle of the second half, right after 3 points gave Tar Heels (26-9) the highest lead.

A year after exiting the first round of tour in the final of retired coach Roy Williams, Davis, Armando Bacot and these Tar Heels (26-9) head to Philadelphia and Sweet 16 for first-team coach Hubert Davis.

Davis scored just one point in extra time to level the score with 1:18 left and added a goal in the 91-85 net.

Adam Flagler had 27 points at Baylor (27-7), who scored just one goal in extra time. James Akinjo scored 20 points while Jeremy Sochan scored 15 points and 11 points.

All-ACC forward Armando Bacot has 15 points and 16 rebounds for North Carolina. After losing three-quarters of free throws in the last 38 seconds of the regular season, he did three-fifths in extra time.

Tar Heels won as the 8th seed over the third seed for the third time. They did so on their way to the Finals in 2000, 10 years after beating Oklahoma the Greatest when Davis was Dean Smith.

Baylor lost in the second round for the second time in their last three NCAA tournaments. The Bears, who lost to Gonzaga first in the 32nd round three years ago, are trying to make the biggest adjustment ever in the NCAA Tournament.

Manek, a graduate of the Big 12 Oklahoma, was sent off at 10:08 a.m. after his left elbow to Sochan’s face as they competed under the Baylor basket. Manek scored a 3-pointer to put Tar Sheqa ahead 67-42.

With Manek out, and Caleb Love disappearing shortly thereafter, Tar Heels had 10 times as Baylor raised the pressure and protested angrily.

The Bears got between 76-73 on a three-point game with 1:48 left by Akinjo, who had 16 seconds left to tie the game at 80-80. North Carolina had one more shot, but Davis’ 3-point test hit the front of the mouth.

Day 3 of men’s tournament Source link Day 3 of men’s tournament

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