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Gervonta Davis’s fights guarantee crowds of high drama, packed with celebrities and knockout victories, and Saturday night’s clash with Rolando Romero was no exception.

“Tank” Davis made a climax in Romero’s sixth round, defending his BA 135 WBA title ahead of a record-breaking 18,970-seat arena at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“The tank is the biggest hitter from the 130 and 135 year old boys,” said coach Stephen Edwards. “I do not care what anyone says: He deserves the highest consideration pounds per pound.”

The previously unbeaten Rolando Romero (left) spun on all fours and rose with unstable feet from a left-handed counterattack by WBA 135-pound champion Gervonta Davis. Referee David Fields (right) ended the fight. (Amanda Westcott / Showtime)

The 27-year-old Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) won his fourth consecutive game with pay per view in defeating Romero (14-1, 12 KOs), having consistent results between 200,000 and 230,000 paid purchases per view.

Davis defeated Romero in a star-studded spot, including Madonna, tennis star Naomi Osaka, TV personality and former NFL star Michael Strahan, former NFL defender LeSean McCoy, Indiana Pacers goalkeeper Lance Stephenson and other current and former NBA players.

Davis’ knockout was his third in as many appearances at Barclays.

“It meant a lot to go back to Barclays, where I won my first belt,” said Davis, whose 96 percent knockout ratio ranks second among world champions after I 175’s IBF / WBC title. Artur Beterbiev (17–0, 17 KO).

“I knew my fans in Baltimore would come, but I also have a large fan base in New York. So to see them show up was amazing. I was not the only one who won tonight, I think it was all over [sport of boxing] who won tonight. “

Rolando Romero (left) fell first with his face on the ropes from a counter with his left hand by WBA 135-against champion Gervonta Davis (right), resulting in Davis’ victory with a stoppage in the sixth round. (Amanda Westcott / Showtime)

A five-time winner in three title divisions, Davis held the highest-earning boxing match in Barclays, which was awaiting its first post-pandemic fight since Adam Kownacki’s fourth heavyweight knockout in March 2020. .

It was rumored that the confrontation with Romero could be Davis’s last fight with the Mayweather Promotions, but the champion hugged the company’s CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, at the post-match press conference, saying: “We are still with the Mayweather Promotions, honey! ”

“Gervonta Davis is a great fighter who does a phenomenal job in the ring,” said Ellerbe. “He has a great coach at Calvin Ford, and when all of these things work together, that’s what you get. This is great. “It shows that we know what we are doing.”

So did Davis against Romero 5-foot-8, who was committed to an early knockout against 5-foot-5 & half; Davis.

“Even when we weighed, I knew I could easily pull it off. “I knew I would get out of boxing,” said Davis. “I thought I would stop him in the later rounds, but I knew he was strong from the first punch he threw.”

Romero bothered Davis with a shot at the right time, forcing the two-time champion to be caught after landing hard on the right wing of the second and fifth rounds.

“He caught me with an early blow and I knew I had to stay off the road. “But I knew that in the end, I would break it.” “I knew he would come up with something. I was just trying to figure out its radius and see how hard it hits. But he definitely has power. “

Davis closed the issues with 21 seconds left in the sixth. Davis’s hand with his head, the opposite left on his face, caused Romero to crash forward on the ropes and eventually on his butt.

Romero rolled on all fours before rising to unstable feet. Referee David Fields ended the fight. Davis led, 49-46 and 48-47, with two letters and back, 48-47, in third.

“I want war again,” said one challenger Romero, 26. “I exposed it and won every round. I jumped on something and ate a thick kick.”

Davis compared his final right-hand shot to Juan Manuel Marquez, which hit his south foot Manny Pacquiao once in the third and final round of his knockout victory in the sixth round in December 2012. The kick left Pacquiao knocking him out cold and in a supine position.

“[It was] something like when Manny Pacquiao was caught. The madness is that I did not throw it so hard. He just collided with her. “He just ran into her,” Davis said.

WBA 135 pound champion Gervonta Davis “is a great fighter doing a phenomenal job inside the ring,” Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said after Davis stopped Rolando Romero on Saturday in front of a record 18,970 fans at the Barclays Center. (Amanda Westcott / Showtime)

A similar scenario unfolded in October 2020 for Davis knockout in the sixth round of four-division champion Leo Santa Cruz, who was eliminated and stopped for the first time in his career by Davis’s upper left kick.

“It was a different blow from that against Santa Cruz, which just tells you that a focused Davis Tank is a dangerous Davis Tank,” said Ford, Davis’ coach during his career. “This is a factor, which speaks for itself in the fact that the tank is an exciting fighter.”

Davis again displayed “an elite IQ,” according to Edwards.

“It simply came to our notice then [Romero] it was a threat and his fists had heat on them. “Rolly also has reflexes where you can not hit her when you want to,” said Edwards. “The tank was trying to get Rolly into the deep water, moving and not allowing Rolly to land. Tank felt the impact of Rolly’s punches and used his legs to box Rolly and not be touched. “While boxing, he made Rolly run into money.”

“I have never seen a weak Tank, which says a lot about his courage, character and integrity …”, said retired 147 kg champion Shawn Porter, who took part in the war and is an analyst of Showtime and Premier Boxing Champions. and host i Podcasts and Porter Way.

“The tank is a sharp shooter that is very large and a very good counterattack, which can punch at the right time,” said Porter, who called Davis the best fighter in the. 130, 135 and 140 pounds. Gervonta Davis is a bestseller and a major attraction in Los Angeles and elsewhere when he is from Baltimore. “From a media point of view, it’s been a long time coming to give this man the credit he deserves.”

Davis’ victory preceded this Saturday’s 135-pound reunion battle in Melbourne, Australia, between IBF / WBA and WBO superstar George Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) and his WBC counterpart Devin Haney (27-0, 15 KOs). ).

“If you win, and you are saying all this. If you win… let’s make the fight happen because you want to talk like crazy, “said Davis of Haney, who must give Camboso a rematch if he wins.” Let’s do it. I want to fight you if you win. Devin Haney. Just know that the winner [of Haney-Kambosos] he can come and see me. “

Edited by Richard Pretorius and Matthew B. Hall

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