Danish media club together to make US tech giants pay for news

The Danish media industry is pioneering a new bargaining tactic between Google and Facebook over news payments, with newspapers, broadcasters and Internet startups working together to negotiate with a rights group as a rights management group. ..

About 30 Danish media companies hope to meet at the first General Assembly as a collective bargaining organization on Friday to inspire other countries inside and outside Europe.

Anders Krab-Johansen, CEO of the newspaper group Berlingske Media and head of the informal network behind the alliance, said the cooperation would prevent tech giants from “divide and rule as usual.” I told the Financial Times.

He added: “What we see in most countries is that Google or Facebook have to negotiate certain deals with one or a few major media companies, they set standards and the market must obey. Rather, it wants to have collective bargaining power, so it gives us some scale. “

The Danish initiative is based on the EU Copyright Directive, which gives news publishers the right to claim revenue for online use of materials, forming the first broad group in Europe to pursue claims with high-tech companies. did.

This experiment reflects the approach to licensing in the music industry and could have far broader implications for the news business as EU member states begin to interpret and apply the provisions of the Copyright Directive. ..

Google and Facebook allocate hundreds of millions of dollars annually to pay for news around the world. However, because the funds are negotiated one-on-one with the publisher and associated with a particular news product, tech groups can avoid systematic copyright claims by using content snippets on the platform.

In France, which first applied the copyright directive in the EU, the news industry negotiated a framework agreement with Google last year, but signed payment terms bilaterally. This approach secretly obscured the deal and split the media industry. The magazine is trying to negotiate separately with Google and Facebook as a group.

The Danish group working together includes the state broadcaster DR and its major private rival TV2. A major newspaper group of Berlingske and JP Politikens Hus. Internet startup Zetland as well as many local and professional titles. The only large Danish media group missing is the magazine publisher Egmont. This shows how difficult it is to adjust the diverse interests of media companies.

Krab-Johansen said the General Assembly will appoint a manager to run the platform, and competition law will allow companies to discuss indicators and how to split money received from Google, Facebook and others. .. “The first and most important part is that we acquire the rights to our content on the tech giant’s platform,” he added.

The new group is inspired not only by Scandinavian preferences for collective bargaining, but also by Danish skepticism about large tech groups.

“We respect the way Danish publishers choose to negotiate,” Google said. “We have already begun discussions with them with the aim of reaching a fair and rational agreement in line with the law.” I offered it. ”

Facebook, on the other hand, has endeavored to minimize its liability by removing the content posted when users share hyperlinks. In countries that are subject to EU copyright law, publisher permission is required to display anything other than basic links on the platform.

Krab-Johansen said the “big concern” of the Danish media group was that tech companies would try to postpone negotiations for years. But he added: You need to do this correctly. “

Danish media club together to make US tech giants pay for news Source link Danish media club together to make US tech giants pay for news

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