Danielle Ruhl: Love Is Blind Was SOOOO Stressful! I Gained 20 Pounds!

Danielle Ruhl once again talks about her time as an actor in the 2nd season of Love Is Blind.

Earlier this week, the true star shared several pictures of himself over the years, while revealing that he often has a struggle with body image.

And be in the spotlight? A much-watched series that focused on personal life and travel?

It didn’t really help.

“I’ve been working so much on self-love and focusing on inner beauty last year, regardless of weight and appearance,” Ruhl wrote to begin this long caption / post.

“I know I discussed my uncertainties in the program and I want everyone involved to know that you can overcome those uncertainties and you’re beautiful no matter what.”

Netflix’s personality recalled deleting images at its “heaviest” because he was ashamed of himself.

“But I realize I shouldn’t be, and I regret it and now I accept it,” he continued.

He went on to say:

“I wanted to share a few pictures of how my weight varies over the months and years. (I gained up to 20 pounds during shooting due to stress).

“I show this to remind myself and everyone that beauty comes from within.

“We must love ourselves in spite of everything.”

Ruhl pictures

Ruhl, who works as an assistant director of marketing, explained that a healthy relationship with her body has been crucial to her path to well-being. It has also been a challenge.

“My weight can change all the time depending on the season, my healthy habits, my stress levels, my busyness, etc. Now I forgive myself when that happens and I refuse to be my own worst critic,” Ruhl added.

“I also don’t claim to be heavy, fat, etc. in these pictures.

“It just shows how it’s everywhere and has been and still is.”

Ruhl, of course got engaged to Nick Thompson after meeting him at the Love Is Blind pot.

Unlike many other couples in the program, they got to visit too.

“I realize I have things to work on, and I was in an excellent mental state before going to the show,” the respondent wrote last month.

“However, the stressful environment brought me back to a place I never expected.

“I hope that in the future, everyone will get to know my true self – as a person – and not the character of a reality TV series.”

Ruhl decided:

“I don’t look for compassion or say I haven’t made mistakes in my entire experience.

“I look for understanding for anyone who may have demons they encounter behind closed doors, anyone who feels they are in the wrong picture, or anyone who is triggered by those who attack others because they have feelings that others may not understand.”

On February 14, Ruhl shared a similar message about mental health.

“For those wonderful women who have reached out to sharing their stories, experiences and similarities, it means more to me than you know,” she wrote on social media at the time.

“Nothing is more beautiful than women building women, and I can’t wait to get to grow and learn from each other’s compassion.

“I wish for nothing but good luck to everyone.”

Danielle Ruhl mental health

Ruhl added at the time and admitted that he was in therapy:

Navigating self-love and mental health is a journey, but I have spent every single day looking forward to continuing to grow.

There are many inaccurate assumptions as to why I had a panic attack in Mexico.

I realize that sometimes I can reflect on the uncertainty and anxiety of others and take responsibility for my actions, and I learn to continue to work to ensure that my past experiences do not affect the way I see the world or others.

Danielle Ruhl: Love Is Blind Was SOOOO Stressful! I Gained 20 Pounds! Source link Danielle Ruhl: Love Is Blind Was SOOOO Stressful! I Gained 20 Pounds!

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