Danielle Mullins Slammed with Cruel Insults After 90 Day The Single Life Trailer

Daniel Marines 90 days fiance A star credited for placing the franchise on a map.

She wasn’t already famous-it was that she and Mohammed Jubari had Must see A drama that no one can resist.

Daniel 90 days single life, A new spin-off that will soon be streamed on Discovery Plus.

However, fans responded to her return with cruel and malicious comments. WTF ???

“After the disaster,” Daniel explained in the trailer, she reassessed what she was looking for in a man.

According to her, she will go looking for a man “as long as he looks average … maybe a little taller than me.”

How Daniel puts this … not a tall woman. So she wants a man taller than Ed Brown. Fair..

90 days single life Daniel Marines wants a taller man than her

As the trailer progresses, you’ll see Daniel immersing her toes in the world of dating.

She explains that this is difficult for her, not just because of her age or reality show fame.

Daniel has never actually dated him, and when he tries to talk to a man on the phone, he can look awkward or even panic.

Daniel Marines tries to date-90 days single life trailer

In a more depressing moment, Daniel stands on the beach and confesses in tears.

“I haven’t taken a date seriously since Mohammed,” she admits.

Crying, she admits that it takes a long time to get over a broken heart-like from her unlucky marriage to Mohammed.

90 days single life Daniel Marines cry on the beach

That’s not the only thing she sees doing with a relatively short teaser.

“Deep digging,” Daniel confesses to the camera, “I always care about Mohammed.”

No matter how badly their marriage ends, at some level she still sounds like she’s hung up.

Daniel Marines always cares about Mohammed-90 days single life trailer

Daniel’s tearful honesty is physically interrupted by her original sight.

Mohammed goes inside in the middle of the trailer and sits in front of her.

I heard that the fans were already in contact (as we reported) and had a friendly relationship, but when I saw them meet … it was unexpected.

90 days single life Mohamed Jubari sits

Comments on social media about Daniel’s confessions and tears in this trailer … were merciless.

“I hope Daniel transforms!” Exclaimed one commenter.

(In fact, Daniel got almost her own makeover reality series, but the plan collapsed because of personality conflicts.)

Obviously, this wasn’t obvious body shaming, but it was clearly an insult aimed at Daniel’s sense of style.

It’s true that many people adjust their appearance after becoming a real star. But again, many people get rich from reality television.

Daniel is not rich. Even after multiple seasons of the franchise, she had to start GoFundMe to raise $ 5,000 to bring her mobile home home.

“She feels like five years old with the idea that she acts very desperately,” said one commenter.

Critics were surprised. “I can’t believe her, even though I always take care of Mohammed.”

To the star himself, the commenter concludes: “Daniel needs specialized psychotherapy.”

The marriage of Daniel and Mohammed was toxic because they both had bad intentions in a nutshell.

Mohammed wanted to live in the United States. He was willing to seduce a woman who was decades older than her, even if she had sex only once.

Meanwhile, Daniel wanted sex, so he was trying to take advantage of the desire of a young handsome man to come to America.

When Daniel couldn’t get exactly what he wanted from Mohammed, she repeatedly threatened him with deportation.

She accused Mohammed of fooling herself. He accused her of stealing from him and having an unpleasant vaginal odor.

It is worth noting that they were both able to put this behind them. But we don’t imagine they coming back together-now and now.

Danielle Mullins Slammed with Cruel Insults After 90 Day The Single Life Trailer Source link Danielle Mullins Slammed with Cruel Insults After 90 Day The Single Life Trailer

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