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Well, it was for history books. During the 20 years, California voters recalled one Democratic governor and refused to recall another.

Voting almost ended at 8 pm on Tuesday before major media outlets declared that Governor Gavin Newsom had easily turned back what was once thought to be a viable motive to drive him out of the office. did not do it.

“We are enjoying an overwhelming” opposition “vote here in California tonight,” Newsom told Sacramento supporters. “But it wasn’t just” no “that was expressed tonight. As a nation, I would like to focus on what I said “yes”. He said “yes” to science, “yes” to vaccines, and “yes” to end this pandemic. “

“We were in favor of diversity, inclusiveness, in pluralism. We were in favor of everything we value as Californians, and I am an American. I insist, “added the governor.

By the beginning of Wednesday, Newsome had support from nearly 64% of the voters, two points higher than the 2018 landslide victory. Republican talk show host Larry Elder easily defeated the field of alternatives, which in itself was a kind of victory for Newsom.

Opinion polls just a few weeks ago showed that Newsom was at great risk of losing due to the lack of interest of fellow Democrats. However, the elder’s entry was a godsend and gave Newsom a polarized rival that could be used to increase Democratic turnout.

Suddenly, recall media coverage is almost everything cherished by the state’s dominant Democrats, from Newsom’s business headaches and his personal actions, especially the infamous unmasked supper in Napa. Moved on to the elder’s unseeded opposition to things.

The strategy worked brilliantly, backed by tens of millions of dollars in election funding and a stopover by national party figures, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Democratic legislative leaders immediately declared “plans to fix a broken recall system.” This means making recalls more difficult, or perhaps nearly impossible, and thus protects officers at all levels.

Such “reforms” would require state-wide voting to amend the Constitution, either proposed by the Legislature or by petition for an initiative. Given the Democratic Party’s great advantage in voter registration, it is likely that the recall system will change, perhaps shortly after the November elections next year.

Newsom himself will be reelected next year, and his landslide victory at the recall shows that he will spend an easy time on it unless he does something to undermine himself. increase. He should keep in mind that his own actions and attitudes were the catalyst for the urge to drive him out.

For many, he comes across arrogance — the best but not isolated example of Napa dinner — and too much to follow his path “whether you like it or not”. Stick As Mayor of San Francisco, he spoke those words when he ignored California law by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples and asserted greater moral imperatives.

As governor, he continued that attitude by unilaterally suspending the execution of the murderer, despite a clear state-wide vote to maintain the death penalty.

Newsam should remember that millions of Californians, especially those in the paddlewheels of the state’s local counties, think he was a bad man who was a bad governor. He can ignore the Outback people and continue to be alienated, or he can try to include them when he pursues his self-proclaimed “all California” governor.

A little genuine humility will help Newsom, and the nation well.

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DAN WALTERS: Newsom scores big recall win. What now? | Opinion Source link DAN WALTERS: Newsom scores big recall win. What now? | Opinion

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