DA Clears San Jose Cop in Shooting of Armed Suspect

The· Santa Clara Law Office An armed suspect cleared up a San Jose police officer who was shot dead during a planned traffic outage 15 months ago.

Sgt. According to a press release from DA’s office that released the results of the investigation, Lee Tasio “legally shot and killed a wanted suspect who was wrestling with other officers and trying to shoot him.”

The shooting was on November 19, 2019, as part of a planned operation on Highway 85 near Winchester Boulevard, where Tacio and officer Matthew Rodriguez closed the vehicle driven by Andrew Roberts, 29, of Aptos. Occurred after going.

Police say he ordered him to get out of the car after Roberts was identified as seeking a valid warrant without bail to evade the police.

According to a press release, Roberts refused to obey and fought Rodriguez for about 30 seconds. Roberts pulled a gun and tried to fire his own stolen pistol in the fight against Rodriguez, trying to grab Tasio’s gun.

When Tasio learned that Rodriguez had lost control of Roberts’ gun, Tasio warned Roberts that he would shoot, the statement reported.

According to officials, Tasio used a stun gun on the suspect, which had no effect, but used his gun to fire a single short-range shot that killed Roberts.

Rob Baker, Deputy District Attorney, the lead author of the 24-page public report, issued the following statement:

“What we know about this tragic event is that on November 9, 2019, Andrew Roberts was solely responsible for placing the SJPDSgt. Lee Tascio was responsible for his life. He was in a position to use deadly power to save the lives of other officers. The use of that power was necessary and rational under the circumstances. “

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click Here And Here Displays the image of the police body camera of the incident.

DA Clears San Jose Cop in Shooting of Armed Suspect Source link DA Clears San Jose Cop in Shooting of Armed Suspect

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