Customers could pay more for water under new proposal

Poway, CA – Poway residents and businesses will soon be paying more for water bills.

Mayor of Poway, Steve Vaus, spoke at the Poway City Council meeting in Poway, California, on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

On Tuesday, the Poway City Council unanimously voted to hold a hearing on the proposed four-year tariff increase on water, reclaimed water, and wastewater tariffs. It happens when the city is working on how to deal with the future of water for its inhabitants in the face of rising costs for importing water and the need to pay for capital improvement projects. ..

Under the proposed water capital improvement program, the city replaced decades-old clear wells with new reservoirs, connecting Poway to the San Diego Water Department’s treated water source rather than the raw water the city now has to treat. increase.

“We pay the same price as everyone else in this city,” said Poway Mayor Steve Vaus. “

So the question is what can Poway residents pay for this?

The city offers several options, but Aaron Beanan, the city’s finance director, said it was likely to include a 10% rise in water prices in January 2022. that.

So by 2025, the average Poway household will pay about $ 103 for water every other month. The average non-resident customer pays about $ 640 more every two months.

Poway’s water tariffs are similar to, and in some cases lower, than other cities in the county, according to Beanan.

“People will be happy, but if it prevents a disaster like that happened in (2019), there won’t be a business out there that doesn’t pay extra for not losing in the water problem.” Told. Mike Pisulka, owner of Players Sports Grill.

If the water program is not implemented, Mr. Beanan said water charges would rise by about 7% as the city would have to pay to import water.

Residents will soon be notified by email of the proposal. The hearing is scheduled for November 2nd.

Customers could pay more for water under new proposal Source link Customers could pay more for water under new proposal

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