Custom Kitchen Sink: American or European

Choosing a certain kitchen sink style before remodeling can make your space look coordinated. An American kitchen sink can be a trendy choice in a European home, while a kitchen with a distinctly European sink can also complement an American house.

There are many options on the market if you are looking for a custom kitchen sink. Nonetheless, you need to invest in equipment with quality materials to get value from your money. Dali has been one of the leading kitchen sink manufacturers since 1998. Our products are made from quality materials to ensure customers get the best. Our extensive research and development have allowed us to have customers’ trust from over 70 countries.

Custom Kitchen Sink: American or European

Types of DALI kitchen sinks

Topmount sink: you get the most out of this sink,from transitional designs and functionality to versatility. Out topmount series have a transitional design, making them ideal for contemporary or traditional kitchens. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to install or replace. This is because you access the entire sink; hence there is less build-up around the stone. You only need to measure and cut the hole for the sink using a jigsaw. It is also easier to clean.

Undermount sink:undermount sink has a sleek appearance for your kitchen. Therefore,it complements your countertop. Besides good looking, it is easy to clean. It prevents moisture, crumbs, and other leftovers from getting caught as you clean. Thanks to this sink, it gives you extra space because there is no visible edge. Undermount series is available in various materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, copper, porcelain, and many more.

Handmade sink:DALI handmade sinks can be customized depending on the client’s preference. Besides that, it is made from quality materials. We also include you in themaking to ensure you get the perfect sink.

Utility sink:this sink often offers a wider and deeper basin than the standard kitchen sink.It can be installed anywhere around the home, including small rooms near back and front doors.

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Custom American or European kitchen sinks from Dali

American style: DALI’s American style sink is the handmade sink. It features a unique look and has heavyweight. Moreover, it is made through bending, cutting, and laser welding steel plates. The process does not change the thickness of the steel plate at the edges. Lastly, it allows you to customize the installation style, number of bowls, and size of edges.

European style: DALI’s European style sink includes a pressing and a handmade sink. The pressing sink is made by pressing and stressing the stainless steel sheet. On the other hand, a handmade sink is made by cutting, bending, and laser welding the steel plates.

Dali has top-ranked production technology

DALI has a professional stainless steel sink factory that allows us to manufacture more than 2 million kitchen sinks. Besides high production capacity, our strong R&D has more than 100 years of experience. For this reason, we offer our customers innovative and latest products.

Check out accessories for custom sink

When looking for a customized sink, you can choose the following things:

Product type

This include:

  • Single sink: the single sink can be divided into big or small single bowls. It offers enough space for large pots.
  • Double sink: the double sink can be divided into large or small double bowls. It offers a solution for double use.
  • The Drainer board allows you to drain water or food crumbs after washing easily.

Installation type

The options are top-mount, under-mount, and flush-mount.

The corner radius

The sink can be customized in different radius to meet your standards.

Surface treatment

  • Polished: the surface is bright.
  • Brushed: it looks softer and easier to wash. Also, it is wear and scratch resistant.
  • PVD: the surface comes in more than eight colors.


American and European kitchen sinks can appear sleek and attractive in any space. The sinks also provide maximum functionality. Dali is one of the best custom kitchen sink manufacturers. To check our products or get a quote, check our website at DALI.

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