Crystal Kung Minkoff Claims Sutton Stracke Said Something Awful: What Was It?

Last month The real housewives of Beverly Hills The actors and the fans were Wondered by Sutton Strack.

As alluded to on social media, the Sluttons (Sutton fans) are in a difficult position this season when they see him getting to the downside of almost everyone.

Recently, Crystal Kung Minkoff hinted at something “dark” that Sutton had said, but declined to specify.

Is Crystal trying to protect Sutton by not revealing it … or doing more harm by restraining it? What else is it about?

According to Crystal, Sutton said something very “dark” when they first met.

Garcelle had raised the possibility (albeit implicitly) that Crystal might have intentionally placed Sutton in their first interaction with the camera.

But Crystal made this alleged statement by Sutton as a kind of self-defense.

“When you and Sutton had an affair, I felt that no matter what he said — he could have said the sky was blue — you were going to say,‘ Are you that girl? ’” Garcelle theorist.

He continued, “Because I just felt like it was an assembly,”

That’s when Crystal revealed, “A lot more was said before that, it was very grim.”

The women were amazed, and Erika looked particularly upset.

Interestingly, Kyle was present during what Sutton claimed to have said, but apparently did not remember.

Crystal said this may be because Kyle was drunk at the time. However, he did not want to go into details.

A couple of days later, Kyle asked Sutton very directly how he and Crystal were doing.

Sutton thought things were going well, so Kyle opened Crystal’s clues about “dark” interaction.

“Well, I wouldn’t say anything terrible,” Sutton insisted. Garcelle told him that hearing it could change their dynamics, according to Crystal.

In the end, Crystal basically had to deal with it.

This time, he just said that Sutton’s comment had been “problematic.”

Kyle, for his part, claimed to remember the conversation but didn’t remember anything bad … while Crystal replied that maybe Kyle hadn’t noticed the way Garcelle could.

Garcelle wanted to know what it was, but Crystal didn’t want to go into it.

One thing he clarified was that it is “forgivable,” which, however, narrows things down a bit.

Kyle was worried they wouldn’t be able to continue until the matter was dealt with, but it is good for Sutton to have them continue without saying anything out loud.

Kyle rightly pointed out that Crystal’s vagueness makes people assume the worst … even once again, not even Sutton wants the details.

Meanwhile, Erika suggested that if it’s as bad as Crystal suggests, it might not be raised at all.

That is, an all-round perspective from Erika at this stage of life.

We don’t know what Crystal is talking about.

It’s still in the air whether Kyle remembers it or not, or whether he’s simply “tied to it” for drinking or privilege, as Crystal claims.

This looks like a mess and one that will blow up several people. But at the same time, we prefer to know the truth.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Claims Sutton Stracke Said Something Awful: What Was It? Source link Crystal Kung Minkoff Claims Sutton Stracke Said Something Awful: What Was It?

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