Crypto’s next move is TBD

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Twitter’s inventor, Jack Dorsey, has made it possible for anyone to become a broadcaster through social media services, but is now embarking on mediating the world of cryptocurrencies.

As CEO of Bitcoin Fan and Mobile Payment Provider Square, Dorsey Tweet on thursday It was creating a new business, “building an open developer platform with the sole goal of making it easy to create unmanaged, unauthorized, decentralized financial services.” .. Our main focus is #Bitcoin. Its name is undecided. “

Knowing Dorsey, I don’t know if TBD will actually be its real name or undecided. “We intend to do this completely open. Open roadmap, open development, open source,” he said.

Reported by Hannah Murphy of San Francisco This is one of the first big projects of this kind. Decentralized finance, or the initial market for DeFiThe Cryptocurrency Project seeks to build a cryptocurrency-denominated interlocking financial system that eliminates traditional intermediaries. Proponents say they offer new ways to access financial services, from lending and trading to insurance and savings products.

Returning to the more established world of cryptocurrency exchange, Binance It’s getting harder.. The Lithuanian central bank said on Friday that a Vilnius-based Binance payments company is offering “unlicensed investment services” in the country. Hong Kong market regulators have also issued a warning about the exchange’s stock token trading program, which had previously faced scrutiny in the UK and Germany. Binance said it will shut down the token scheme for “commercial” reasons.

Richard Waters’ latest column Make sure that trading apps Robin Hood and Cryptocurrency Coinbase have become the vehicle for a boom in personal investment and speculation, and have become the two most visible beneficiaries of that boom.

John Thornhill sees Digital ownership in the form of NFT. This is an irreplaceable token that allows authors to use blockchain technology to establish ownership of digital assets. Frank Portnoy went a step further — Buy ​​and race virtual thoroughbred tearaway charlie for profit and joy, and to discover the joy and danger of NFTs.

Internet of Things (5)

1. Diddy’s scrutiny is intensifying in China
China’s powerful national espionage agency and six other government departments have taken the unusual step of placing investigators in Didi’s office to conduct security investigations into the ride-hailing service group. It was. This review is the first time that the Secret Department of Homeland Security has publicly announced that it will be temporarily based on internal staff. Reported by Yuan Yang of Beijing..

2. Ericsson was hit in China by Huawei’s ban
Ericsson’s Sales plummet in China As Swedish telecommunications equipment makers warned, Sweden could be retaliated as its Chinese rival Huawei banned building 5G networks. Revenues generated in Asia’s largest economy in the second quarter fell from 4.1 billion SKr ($ 470 million) a year ago to 1.5 billion SKr, and Ericsson’s group-wide sales fell for the first time in three years. Did.

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3. UK invests in a start-up company
The British government Planning a large investment Promise UK start-ups as part of a broader push to support the technology industry, including reviewing competition rules and issuing “new technology visas” to attract talent. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will invite founders and tech entrepreneurs to the summit on Tuesday to launch Future Fund Breakthrough, a £ 375 million fund to invest in a small number of fast-growing R & D-intensive companies.

4. Paytm later
When Apple moves to the Buy Now Pay Later service, John Gaper Note The average outstanding balance of UK credit cards in March was £ 1,560, but according to Klarna, the average balance of users is £ 48, which is used more like a debit card than a credit card. Rex sees Paytm,
Indian digital payment app. It is reported to be at risk of more than $ 2 billion in services, worth about $ 25 billion. This allows users to trade gold, play games, shop, and even book Covid-19 vaccines, but struggle to make money.

5. Our cult
The Wall Street Journal’s Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell talked too much about the office leasing group WeWork in this new book. Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson Review WeWork’s most notable fact is that it’s not that the hype twists of businesses as old as office leasing have collapsed. That is, Messianic co-founder Adam Neumann has persuaded so many people that his creative and deficit start-up could change the world.

Bubble bursts: WeWork ratings rise and fall

Technical Tools — Candle Speakers and Picture Speakers

If you’re looking for a speaker that fits into your home rather than annoying, Sony and Sonos will work with Ikea to get a new product.The· Ikea’s $ 199 Symfonisk It is a Sonos WiFi speaker disguised as a picture frame. Available in white or black frames, there are also different interchangeable fronts to suit your home style.Sony £ 315 LSPX-S3 The wireless speaker provides sound from a glass body that flickers like an open flame in candle mode. It can even flicker to your music, Which hifi to report..

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Crypto’s next move is TBD Source link Crypto’s next move is TBD

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