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Foot Locker recently opened a community-based store in Crenshaw, California, on Wednesday, February 16th. The new location, which houses elite sneakers and clothing, seems to provide a balanced retail experience that incorporates the concerns of the surrounding community.

In addition to shopping for the whole family, the new location will feature personalized artwork in the local mural shop and an “activation space” that will host ongoing social events. In addition, Foot Locker has built a platform to collaborate with local clothing lines known as Home-Grown.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony and the grand opening of the Foot Locker’s West Coast community store in Crenshaw, California. Located at 3222 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, the new store opened to the public on Wednesday, February 16th.

On the day of the grand opening, Dreamers Youth was greeted by Foot Locker Crenshaw for a photography competition in partnership with acclaimed visual artist from Los Angeles. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a special Dreamers Youth photography competition was held. It was co-organized with renowned artist SlauCienga, based in Crenshaw. Their works of art will be on display in the store.

“Pride in my neighborhood” was the concept of the photography competition. Dreamers Youth was given complete artistic freedom to develop their skills by capturing a place or individual in their neighborhood that influenced them.

The photos were presented everywhere in the Foot Locker Crenshaw showroom, and the young people talked to SlauCienga about their story behind the ideas for their images.

The young people enjoyed the event with drinks, food and took home a Foot Locker backpack with a pair of sneakers. In addition, Three Dreamers was presented with a $ 150 gift card.

Dreamers Youth is a non-profit service that supports children with untapped potential in poor areas. They develop personalized experiences that expose young people to the world of unlimited creative possibilities.

The children are paired with mentors who strive to create a path for them, perfecting the career and life of their dreams. Dreamer’s Youth’s mission is to help children develop their entrepreneurial skills and emotional intelligence.

Foot Locker commissioned local artists Terric Gutierrez and Gustavo Zermeno to design personalized artwork and murals for the store’s facades in honor of Crenshaw and surrounding communities. The new retail space will be a destination for shopping for shoes, clothing and accessories from major sports lifestyle brands such as Nike, Jordan, Converse, adidas, Puma, in addition to capsules designed by the neighborhood.

Foot Locker is committed to recruiting locals who are naturally attracted to sneakers and youth culture. More than 65 percent of full-time and part-time employees are from the Crenshaw neighborhood, and all store managers are local in the area.

To promote the Local Locker Home Grown local brand initiative, the store will also sell exclusive capsule products from a carefully selected group of local clothing lines.

The goal of Home-Grown is to make subculture creators accessible by encouraging people to showcase products while using Foot Locker links. This will have a big impact on the community, as the expert brand of sneakers encourages the next generation of designers, the future generation of designers.

Senior Marketing Manager Lorena Serrano explained the process of home cultivation: “We are creating an incubator program – we will connect with the community of designers who want to show their designs.” who develop their product to be ready for mass production.

Serrano continued: “The brands you see here [collection displayed in the store] were already established in the community, we contacted them and said, “Hey, do you want to be part of the Home-Grown initiative?” and they or wholesale for us [Foot Locker] or we license their design.

Foot Locker did not enter their new area blindly, they acknowledged the temperature of the community and their concerns about the grocery market, which closed in the same square.

South Los Angeles faces the dangers of the food desert, with 20 percent or more of poverty and one-third of residents living a mile or more from a supermarket.

Serrano took into account community concerns, she said: “First and foremost, I was born and raised in East Los Angeles, every pocket in LA is very different, facing its own problems with gentrification. For me, Lorena Serrano as a person, it is extremely important to identify the needs of the community before saying “hey, here we come and this is the program we are doing”, absolutely not.

The senior marketing manager continued: “We partnered with Tech Leimert – with Paris McCoy, she was our consultant to make sure that every detail is true to the community, every opportunity is true and every nuance is taken into account.

“In this regard, we understand that this is a food desert, we understand that people travel two hours away. It was extremely important to us [Foot Locker] to advocate and become an ally of the Hanks Mini Market. We have a pop-up outside for this whole week – as soon as we can address this concern, we are providing reusable bags full of groceries purchased from Hanks Minimarket for the community to pick up. Serrano said.

Also present were Kim Marie Johnson-Russell, chairwoman of the Mesa Heights Park City Council, and accompanying board member Robbie Davis. Davis reflected on the new discovery, saying: “This store will be monitored to make sure that whatever it promises, it will have to happen here. President Johnson-Russell and Davis expect Footlocker to keep up with the community and maintain a youth component.

Community member Kim Jurgan was there in a peaceful protest against the grand opening, she expressed disappointment with her attempts to gather food in her area: “It doesn’t reflect much community or sympathy for the community.” She said the square was not nice to the local neighborhood. “They are [council district] as there is no grocery store for a fitness shoe store. ”

Foot Locker CEO Ken responded to the community’s energy concerns by saying: “Before we go to these neighborhoods, we run a series of focus groups that Lorena leads, attracting local retailers, local designers, catering and students. and we ask them, “What do you need, what do you want and what are you looking for?” Everything from size, shape, color of clothes, shoes and brands, to what your neighborhood needs – where should our store be?

The new Foot Locker store is located at 3222 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles. Follow the @footlockerLA social media store for updates and community events.

Crenshaw Plaza Welcomes Foot Locker’s New Community-Based Store Location – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Crenshaw Plaza Welcomes Foot Locker’s New Community-Based Store Location – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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