Create colorful memories at Picturistik in Burbank

Burbank, CA-There is a new place in town to unleash your inner creativity. Picturistik..

Picturistik is an art experience co-created by a local SoCal artist. There are picturesque perfect places in every corner.

“I and my husband created Picturistik for me and other artists like art lovers,” says creative director Sirce Jasso. “I wanted to create different emotions in each room, so I should be able to see different scenery in each room.”

Sirce Jasso is passionate about creating space for local artists to hold canvases and wants to inspire artists, creators and visitors to make their dreams come true. “I want this Latina girl to feel like she did, why can’t I do that?”

From cloud rooms to gold rooms to garden rooms, guests can step into a new environment every few steps. Each is “Instagram shine“As before.

“They have a fun atmosphere not only for those on social media, but also for those who want a fun date night,” exclaimed Chynna Dulay (@itschynnamarie).

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Create colorful memories at Picturistik in Burbank Source link Create colorful memories at Picturistik in Burbank

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