Craig Napier: Bourtreehill Medical Practice doctor and referee comes out as gay

The GP from Irwin, who is also a qualified referee, has been gay in an attempt to change the culture of Scottish football.

The official representative of the first category Craig Napier is a doctor of medical practice Burtrichil and conducts a medical course at the University of Glasgow, if not in the field.

Napier, who led the top 10 games in Scotland last season, spoke about his sexuality in a video on Twitter of the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

“This is something I never thought I would sit here and do,” he told SFA.

“It’s something I’ve lived with for a long time, it’s been a hard way to get to that point, but over the last couple of years it’s gotten a lot easier.

“I think it’s very important that people like me are willing to sit here and do it. I don’t think it should be news, but I think at the moment it’s true.

“We need to see climate change so that people feel they can be themselves and live happily and comfortably in their own skin, and then it needs to move on to football.”

Another referee, Lloyd Wilson, joined Napier, becoming the first openly gay man in Scottish men’s football after Justin Fashan, who played for Airdrie and then for Hearts in 1993 and 1994, a few years after announcing his sexuality.

Wilson, who judges in the Scottish lower leagues, spoke about his sexuality in a video on the YouTube channel of the mental health charity Back Onside.

Asked why he is speaking publicly now, Wilson replied: “I think the reason is that it was a horrible journey, to be honest.

“A journey of maybe 17 years of life that I didn’t want to live, to live a lie, to live the way other people might have wanted me to live, or I thought other people wanted me to live. And, probably, football is dictated and controlled in many ways ”.

Blackpool forward Jake Daniels last month became the first British player in a professional game to be publicly gay after Fashan in 1990.

The 17-year-old revealed that he was inspired by other sports figures such as Adelaide defender Josh Kavala, Tetford manager Matt Morton and Olympic diving champion Tom Daly, while Napier also called the same figures influential in your decision. .

He added: “I’ve never had a bad experience when I had these conversations, I always felt a lot easier after talking about it.

“It’s not a conversation about me, it’s a conversation about trying to change the culture in Scottish football.

“There is something in football, this barrier is still there.

“There are no players on the field [openly gay]but they are. And until we have these conversations and these role models on the field, there will be stigma and fear.

“I hope that here in Scotland, I will be able to play a small role in the hope that this can inspire those out there to feel more comfortable, talk to their family, friends, teammates and go public when they feel capable. ”

Craig Napier: Bourtreehill Medical Practice doctor and referee comes out as gay Source link Craig Napier: Bourtreehill Medical Practice doctor and referee comes out as gay

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