COVID Vaccine: Sacramento County getting 3rd vaccine and more

The new transition to Blue Shield, the third vaccine in the mix, and the start of food and agricultural workers will all begin on Monday.

Sacramento, CA — Sacramento County is new vaccine For delivery systems with Blue Shield, we hope that migration will help us reach our goals. vaccine In people’s arms.

That said, the county still has a lot to learn about the system, but according to county health officer Dr. Olivia Casillier, the transition is not something the average vaccine seeker should worry about.

“I hope it doesn’t make a difference. As I said, the most important thing is that Sacramento County has the opportunity to get doses and work with both healthcare partners. As a community-based institution to enable the establishment of these clinics. “

Onboarding of the new system will begin on Monday, but Sacramento County, like Stanislaus County and San Joaquin County last week, doesn’t know much about what the transition will bring. Talks with Blue Shield are still ongoing, but Dr. Cassily said the county emphasized concerns about the number of doses they were receiving and the need for transparency and consistency with assignments.

“We’re still learning how the process works. It’s not like a switch that came after the date came. It’s how we do things, what they do. It’s the process of telling them how to vaccinate and who their important partners are. “

The transition is just one of the new things coming to the county. This is part of future changes.

Johnson & Johnson

5,500 Johnson & Johnson vaccines are heading to Sacramento County. According to Dr. Kasirye, this is a single-dose coronavirus vaccine that makes it a great tool for people who have difficulty reaching a community that travels many places or who are tied up at home. is. Single-dose vaccines eliminate the challenge of dating a second dose required by Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

“There are many ways we can use it, so we are in the process of outreaching, answering safety questions, and making people feel comfortable with it. There is, “said Dr. Cassily.

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My turn

According to Kasirye, the state vaccine booking site is part of the Blue Shield rollout bundle, but it won’t be implemented soon.

She said the county operates several clinics using the MyTurn system but is not ready for a full transition. Part of the reason has to do with controlling who can access the link so that you can focus on the target area.

“At that point we can hand over everything because of the concern that we can make sure that the people who have that control and get the promise are the people we are targeting. No, “Kashiri said.

Similar hesitation about the transition to MyTurn is shared by Stanislaus County and San Joaquin County, which are already developing their own strategies.

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Sacramento County Red Tier?

Kasirye is in Sacramento County Red coronavirus layer In the next few weeks.

One of the major factors is the state announcement that the red layer threshold can be moved to 10 cases per 100,000 instead of 7 cases per 100,000. This happens when the state reaches 2 million vaccinations in a vulnerable population within a particular zip code. If that happens, it will accelerate the transition to the county’s red layer.

“We hope we can do that in the next few weeks,” says Kasirye.

The move of tiers usually depends on testing, and Sacramento’s test site hasn’t reached capacity, Cassily said. To change the hierarchy, the county needs two things, more tests and more vaccines.

“We want to get the vaccine and be able to move on to the red layer because we open schools and open businesses,” she said.

Vaccination of food and agricultural workers

Vaccinations for food and agricultural workers will begin on Monday. Despite being part of Phase 1B, Sacramento County did not allow vaccinations in this sector due to supply and appointment issues.

“We wanted to make sure we gave each sector ample opportunity. We are now ready to start deploying it in the food and agriculture sector,” Casserie said. Said.

For more information on Sacramento County Vaccine Clinic Here..

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COVID Vaccine: Sacramento County getting 3rd vaccine and more Source link COVID Vaccine: Sacramento County getting 3rd vaccine and more

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