COVID: San Joaquin, Stanislaus eyeing red tier by mid-march

There are many factors involved, but there is at least one important message. To move the tier forward, the county needs people to be tested for the coronavirus.

San Joaquin County, California — San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County may be waiting for the long-awaited breath of relief. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears Statistics keep falling.

If all trends go well, officials in both counties say they could leap into California’s red coronavirus layer by the week of March 15. Both counties are currently in the most restrictive purple “widespread” layer. ..

The red layer allows many businesses to make changes and partially reopen indoors, and children can also return to the Stanislaus County classroom if the case rate metrics are met.

There are only two things that get in the way: the adjusted case rate and the test volume. In other words, the county needs a case rate of less than 7 per 100,000 to move to the red layer, and more people need to be tested to reach it, they say. I will.

“We got there,” said Tiffany Hayer, a spokesman for the San Joaquin County paramedics.

There are certainly gaps to fill, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome. The case rate of Stanislaus is 15.7 per 100,000 and that of San Joaquin is 11.6 per 100,000. If you reach 7 per 100,000 and other statistics can be maintained, you will need to hold for 2 weeks to proceed with the resumption. The current downward trend has spurred excitement and shows optimism that the red layer is sooner or later reachable.

“These are good milestones to reach, and to get there, you need to stay away, wear a face cover, take a test, and avoid the rally going into the red.” Spokesman Kamresh Cowl said. For public health in Stanislaus County.

Testing can be one of the key factors, and the message to both counties is simple. To take a test.

Cowl said the test is an important indicator of how many cases there are in the community and then the key to how they can reopen the county.

“When more people take the test, we can go back to that (red) layer and say,’Well, our risk is considerable, but it’s not widespread,'” Cowl said. Told.

Heyer added that everyone should take the test. She said that people who test when they feel better are part of what helps reduce numbers.

“It seems counterintuitive to tell someone who feels totally sick to go to the test, but it really proves that we’ve done what we need to do and keep staying at home. I wash my hands, put on a mask, physically distance them from each other, and make sure those measures are working. It wasn’t just wasted, “Heyer said. I will.

For counties and businesses that have been blocked for weeks, if not months, it may be a bit of catharsis, or it may take some time to finally take a breath from the limits. However, even if the red tier marker is met, there is still a lot to do.

“Red isn’t our final game. We need to be in the yellow layer, so most, if not all, sectors can open safely,” Cowl said. It was.

Heyer repeated similar feelings, pointing out that the county’s arrival at a new level did not end the pandemic.

“We really want people to take this seriously as we move forward and continue to realize that we are still in a pandemic, but as we move forward we can take more. Precautions … We may get closer. This is over, and hopefully we may soon return to normal, “she said.

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COVID: San Joaquin, Stanislaus eyeing red tier by mid-march Source link COVID: San Joaquin, Stanislaus eyeing red tier by mid-march

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