COVID comeback seen in parts of US as funding runs dry

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COVID is making a comeback in the northeastern United States as the variant BA.2 coronavirus becomes more prevalent in the country, officials said Wednesday, while calling on Congress to introduce new funding or risk production medicines and vaccines in the future.

The country currently registers an average of 28,600 people per day, less than the final peak of more than 800,000 routine infections, seen in January.

The death toll from COVID-19 is about 900 per day – with one million deaths from the virus in just one month.

But the director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Rochelle Walensky told reporters that there were early signs of a new crisis.

“We have seen a small increase in the reported COVID-19 reported in New York State and New York City and a slight increase in the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in New England, especially where the difference BA.2 reached levels over 50. (usually), ”she said.

She added that monitoring of drinking water waste, the first warning stage of the outbreak, has also shown an increase in the prevalence of the virus in some communities, she said.

The difference BA.2 does not appear to result in an increase severe disease than the original Omicron, BA.1, and does not seem to be possible immune protection-but it’s a lot.

BA.2 currently owns 35 per cent of the country’s litigation and is expected to dominate soon.

The expected recovery comes as Congress refused to add $ 22.5 billion in COVID subsidies to the spending bill passed last week.

“At this stage, our resources are depleted,” said Health Secretary Xavier Becerra.

“A fund set up to restore physicians and other caregivers to COVID care for Americans, especially those without insurance, has not received a new claim for trial or treatment since yesterday.”

He added that on or near April 5, no funds are expected for new immunization claims claims, he said.

The meningitis vaccine has been cut for states by 35 percent, and the treatment is expected to end in May.

White House Coronavirus Response Officer Jeff Zients added that in terms of vaccines, there is enough supply to give a fourth dose of the vaccine, and if it is approved in the coming weeks, see the elderly.

“However, if science indicates that a fourth dose is required for population later this year, we will not have the resources needed to ensure that shootings, free and easy, are available to all Americans, ”he said.

This would also apply to new specific vaccines that may be needed, Zients said, and contradict the strategy of buying new products carefully as many other countries, including Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong have begun to do. , he said. said.

“More inaction by the legislature will set us back, leave us unprepared, and lose many lives,” he said.

Free COVID test, treatment is discontinued for uninsured Americans due to lack of funds

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COVID comeback seen in parts of US as funding runs dry Source link COVID comeback seen in parts of US as funding runs dry

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