Covid Ayrshire: Number of deaths highest for six months

The number of people who died in Covid in Ayrshire last week was the highest since March, new statistics show.

According to data from the National Records of Scotland released earlier today, 14 people died in Ayrshire, where the coronavirus was listed on the death certificate between September 13 and 19.

This is an increase from 4 in the previous week and is the sum of the highest weeks since the week starting March 1st, 6 months ago.

Five people were killed in East Ayrshire, six in North Ayrshire, and three in South Ayrshire.

According to NRS statistics, as of September 19, 10,826 deaths were registered in Scotland, and the death certificate lists the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Between September 13th and 19th, 135 deaths listed as COVID-19 on the death certificate were registered, 57 more than the previous week.

There were 24 deaths under the age of 65, 37 deaths between the ages of 65 and 74, and 74 deaths over the age of 75. 79 were men and 56 were women.

The city of Glasgow (22 dead), North Lanarkshire (12 dead) and Edinburgh (9 dead) had the highest number of deaths at parliamentary level. In total, at least one person died in 26 (out of 32) council areas.

The death toll from all causes registered in Scotland this week is 1,257 to 249, or 25%, above the five-year average.

Pete White House, Director of Statistics Services, said:

“This is 57 more deaths than last week, representing the highest total week we’ve seen since early March.”

“Deaths from all causes were 25 percent higher than the 5-year average. Since week 21 (May 24-30), weekly, weekly, over-5-year average registered mortality rates have continued to result in excessive mortality. I am. ”

Covid Ayrshire: Number of deaths highest for six months Source link Covid Ayrshire: Number of deaths highest for six months

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