COVID-19 vaccine technique shows promise for heart disease

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Organic delivery is being tested as a means of repairing damaged heart muscle after a heart attack. National research studies are presented today at Frontiers in CardioVascular Biomedicine 2022, the scientific conference of the European Heart Association (ESC).

The COVID-19 transcription factor RNA (mRNA) vaccine is used. lipid nanoparticles (small fat cells) to deliver mRNA to cells. This mRNA directs the cells to form a superficial protein on their surface to mimic the protein on the virus producing COVID-19. The body then responds to the immune response by creating antibodies that can be used when a person is infected.

A similar method has been used to deliver mRNA in the present study. However, rather than the will of another immune responseThe goal of the researchers is to instruct the heart cells to repair themselves after another heart attack.

This initial study was conducted to determine whether mRNA can be successfully delivered to heart muscle in lipid nanoparticles. The researchers injected several pairs of needles into the left ventricle of the mouse heart during open chest surgery under general anesthesia. Twenty-four hours after administration, the rats were sacrificed and the mRNA translation site was examined.

The researchers found that mRNA was able to reach the heart cells 24 hours after injection. However, despite the injection in the heart, higher levels of mRNA translation were found in liver cells in the morning.

The study’s author, Dr. Clara Labonia of the University of Utrecht Medical Center, Netherlands said: “It is expected to have a large volume in the liver, since it regulates lipid nanoparticles. It means that lipid nanoparticles can function as a system. delivery for mRNA treatment. “

She concludes: “The next step of this study is to test the most effective and select the one that is most effective (attack-like) is very effective.”

Investigate the process of DNA plasmid and RNA messenger delivery for therapeutic development

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COVID-19 vaccine technique shows promise for heart disease Source link COVID-19 vaccine technique shows promise for heart disease

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