COVID-19 Vaccinations: Current Phases & Tiers, Registration Websites, 2-1-1

As California lifts the Stay Home Order and San Diego County returns to Purple Tier restrictions and guidelines, this week’s positive news for COVID-19 is personal services such as outdoor dining at salons, hairdressers and restaurants. Allow. Resume (as with social distance, masks are still needed). Due to the rapid change in information on both COVID-19 vaccination and testing, we contacted Sharp Coronado Hospital and the City of Coronado for answers to some common questions.

Susan Stone, Senior Vice President and CEO of Sharp Coronado Hospital, provided the latest information on COVID-19 vaccination and hospitalization.

San Diego County Vaccination Phase As of January 21, 2021:


Once someone’s work / health / age has entered the vaccination stage or stage, what is the best way to get the vaccine at Sharp Coronado Hospital or other San Diego locations?

All county community vaccination sites, including Sharp Coronado, Sharp Grosmont, and Sharp Chula Vista, County Vaccination Reservation Website.. Due to the high demand, reservations fill up quickly. It’s a good idea to check your site often, as the automated system will display your appointments on a regular basis. Also, appointments are posted for only one week at a time. Checking the system over the weekend will help you identify when the next week’s appointments will be posted for booking.

What is the best way for elderly people at home in Coronado to get vaccinated?


Phoning 2-1-1 helps people over the age of 75 book COVID-19 vaccines. For those at home, it may be helpful to seek instructions from a primary care provider or home care provider. For those who can drive, the Petco Park location offers a drive through the vaccine experience and may be an option for some.

How many people have been vaccinated in Coronado? And throughout the Sharp Healthcare system? Have all employees been vaccinated?

  • As of January 24, 2021, the Sharp Coronado Community Vaccine Site has vaccinated 1768 people.
  • As of January 24, 2021, the Sharp HealthCare Community Vaccine site has vaccinated a total of 17,585 people.
  • As of January 25, 2021, 17,778 Sharp HealthCare employees were vaccinated with the first COVID-19 vaccine and 13,002 Sharp HealthCare employees were vaccinated with the second COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Sharp continues to provide primary and secondary vaccines to employees throughout the system. To date, 71% of the first-tier, highest-risk Group 1 and 64% of Group 2 have been vaccinated with the first dose.

What is the latest information on the number of COVID-19 patients in the ICU, both in Coronado and throughout Sharp Healthcare?

As of January 25, 2021, there are 15 ICU patients at Sharp Coronado Hospital, but not all are COVID-19 positive and there are 199 ICU patients across the Sharp Healthcare system. .. Overall Sharp HealthCare, the total number of COVID-19 patients has recently declined. We look forward to seeing the same trend in ICU in the near future.


Janine Zniga, a spokesman for the city of Coronado, said she has created a link for Coronado residents to schedule vaccinations. www.coronado.ca.us/vaccine.. She was patient and emphasized that she needed to keep trying for the masses. As more qualified groups were added, the site was affected and the vaccine center was affected by the recent weather.

The staged immunization program, determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), aims to prevent morbidity and mortality and maintain social functioning.

  • Federal government: For a detailed CDC plan for the phased implementation of COVID-19 vaccination, please visit this CDC site.
  • State: The California Public Health Service uses the CDC guidelines to develop a COVID-19 vaccine allocation plan on its state website.
  • county: For residents of San Diego CountyThe best place to see the current immunization phase group, County site here..


You can book a test site here in Coronado for testing. The city has partnered with Kahala Biosciences to offer three COVID-19 tests at the Coronad Boathouse Monday and Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm. The tests provided are:

– RT-PCR virus Testing for active COVID-19 infection. Results are 3-4 business days (covered by most insurance, additional costs may be required if deductions are not met)
– Rapid antibody It detects antibodies in the immune system, not the virus itself. Same-day results (covered by most insurance; additional costs may be required if deductions are not met)
– – Rapid antigen Test of active COVID-19 infection, same day results (required out-of-pocket cost is $ 85, usually not refundable by insurance)

For more information on test types, see FDA – Coronavirus Disease 2019 Test Basics.

San Diego County COVID-19 Web Page

Employees of the County Mental Hospital will receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020. Image: San Diego County

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COVID-19 Vaccinations: Current Phases & Tiers, Registration Websites, 2-1-1 Source link COVID-19 Vaccinations: Current Phases & Tiers, Registration Websites, 2-1-1

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