COVID-19 outbreak at California City prison leads the state | News

The appearance of COVID-19 at the California City Correctional Facility has prompted officials to significantly reduce movement, scheduling, and visits, according to a spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The June 10 report of COVID-19 cases among people incarcerated at CDCR facilities included a California city jail at the top of the list with 323 active custody cases — a total of 951 cases among 34 adult prisons in the state.

Presence visits were closed throughout the state prison system on Friday, June 10, in order to receive the training prescribed by staff, but this had nothing to do with the appearance of the City of California. However, the prison is considered to be in the “Appearance Phase” with all or part of the other 11 in the state.

Dana Simas, CDCR’s press secretary, said all organizations are closely following the department’s Reopening Roadmap, following the guidelines of the federal recipient of prison health care and public health, and significantly reducing movement, scheduling, and visits to facilities currently undergoing the outbreak.

The California City Prison was built by the Corrections Corporation of America (now known as CoreCivic). It has been holding CDCR inmates since late 2016 and is managed by CDCR staff. II with three facilities and an administrative segregation housing unit. 2,016 people were incarcerated on June 8.

It is one of five state prisons located in Kern County. On June 10, North Kern State Prison had 33 inmates, Wasco State Prison 14, Kern Valley State Prison six, and Tehachapi California Correctional Institution four.

Among the statewide prisons, the facility with the highest number of inmate cases on June 10 was the Solano California State Prison in Vacaville with 97 cases, the San Luis Obispo California Men’s Cologne with 81 cases, the Amador County Mule Creek State Prison with 77 cases and the Madera County Central California Women’s Facility with 56 cases .

Nearby, Lancaster, California State Prison, Los Angeles County had only two active inmate cases on June 10.

The number of active cases reported among California City employees on June 10 was surprisingly low. In fact, with eight cases of active workers, the prison linked Riverside County’s Chuckawalla Valley State Prison with the lowest number of cases. The highest number of worker cases occurred in the California Men’s Colony (79). In CCI, 21 active employee cases were reported.

Simas did not comment on what could have led to a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the California city jail.

“The CDCR and CCHCS are taking ongoing steps against COVID-19 to protect those living, working and visiting prisons in our state,” he said.

Simas added that the CDCR’s vaccination program has affected 75% of all California prison inmates and 62% of its staff, and noted that “there has been a significant increase since the fall.

“We have also made tremendous progress in administering incentives for all inmates and staff who want to receive a boost,” he said.

COVID-19 outbreak at California City prison leads the state | News Source link COVID-19 outbreak at California City prison leads the state | News

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