Court filing blames former Long Beach City College president, current board member of fraud – Press Telegram

According to a court filing this week, a survey by a former superintendent of Long Beach City College found that she used staff for personal affairs and violated her credibility obligations to the community college district that oversees the LBCC. I found out that I abused the office many times, such as doing it. Withdraw from private discussions about the investigation, as it is also the subject of the investigation by members of the Board of Trustees.

Former Superintendent of Education-President Reagan Romari did not return multiple requests for comment. Trustee Sunny Jia denied allegations made against her in this week’s court filing.

In March, the Board of Directors of the Long Beach Community College District resolved to terminate Lomari’s contract for no reason. At the time, a board lawyer said he had escaped from a private session and the panel had three votes. The first two votes were 4-1 and Zia disagreed, and the third vote was unanimous but did not provide details. Lomari’s attorney confirmed the dismissal that night, but the board has not yet publicly confirmed the termination of the contract, despite being appointed as interim superintendent in less than two weeks.

This week’s court filing provides details of the first substantive release from behind the scenes of Romari’s tenure at City College.

However, the filing filed by the Long Beach Community College District on Monday, November 2nd in the Los Angeles Superior Court was centered around Zia, and Probe also found that she had committed an illegal act and benefited her participation. I made a conflict.

“One of the subjects of the investigation, a member of the board of directors (Zia), has proven findings against her and has a conflict of interest,” the court filing said, “Investigation Report and Possibility. Legal action to participate in discussions in a private session of the Board of Directors regarding. “

Zia denied the misconduct, saying that some of the investigation reports cited in the court filing were “selected” and that the document also analyzed the behavior of her fellow board members.

“I’m not going to leave the district members unrepresented just because they don’t make up the majority of the board,” Zia said in a telephone interview. “This study examined far more allegations against other board members (Uduak-Joe) Ntuk, (Doug) Otto, and (Vivian) Malauulu.

“If there is a conflict of interest, it’s a bigger force for them,” Zia said.

Marauul and Nutuk declined to comment. Otto did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for the LBCC said the university did not comment on the proceedings in dispute.

It is unknown when the board commissioned the investigation. However, San Juan Capistrano’s company, Benchmark Investments, completed the report in August.

Several people familiar with the report refused to share the full document with this news organization.

Vincent Ewing, a legal counsel at Long Beach City College, said the report was exempt from California’s Public Records Act because it “is related to a proceeding and is part of an ongoing investigation.” Said that.

However, this week’s court submission cites the report. Press Telegram also obtained a three-page report from the State Commission on Fair Political Practice and received them as part of the complaint filed by the LBCC against Zia.

According to both court filings and page 3 of the FPPC, the report has filed multiple allegations against Zia.

For example, some reports obtained by Press Telegram said Zia attempted to blackmail a contractor at the Port of Long Beach where she was employed for election donations.

“It’s absolutely wrong and funny,” Zia said, adding that it came from a political adversary.

“I wasn’t in a position to approve anyone’s contract,” Zia said. “If anyone knows how the department works, there’s a decentralized contracting feature. I didn’t have to deal with this person or approve their contracts.”

However, on that allegation, Long Beach City College filed an FPPC complaint, including three pages of the research report. These pages are consistent with the characteristics of filing a complaint in court.

According to a document from the Political Oversight Agency, the FPPC has informed the LBCC that its allegations against Zia do not violate the Political Reform Act. However, the FPPC forwarded the complaint to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and confirmed receipt of the complaint against Zia and Lomari.

The complaint is still under consideration, according to a spokesperson for the office.

Meanwhile, the court filing also explains several potential issues involving Zia and Lomari.

For example, a court document filed a formal complaint against Lomari, accusing an employee of the Long Beach City College Foundation, an LBCC funding nonprofit, of bullying her by an LBCC leader. It gives an overview of the case. According to court filings, Foundation investigators substantiated the allegations and sent a letter to Zia, then chairman of the board, about the investigation and its findings.

The LBCC’s own investigation also substantiated this allegation, a court filing on Monday said, “(Zia) provided a letter to the Board of Trustees, placed a letter in Lomari’s personnel file, or investigated the matter or I found a lack of credible evidence that caused the investigation. “

In an interview this week, Jia said she didn’t act on the allegations because it hadn’t been proven.

“It had no merit, and there was no request for the board to consider it,” she said. “So I didn’t have any policies or procedures to do anything, and there was no merit.”

The court’s motion against Zia portrays the trustee as Romari’s strong ally, as the former director faced scrutiny from other members of the board.

The board hired Lomari in March 2017 to keep her away from Harry S. Truman, Chicago’s city college. A little over a year later, the board decided to extend the contract until 2022 as a way to ensure the stability of the LBCC.

But less than a year later, Lomari became a top job finalist at Miami Dade College in Florida. She couldn’t get the job of the other two (Oregon and Minnesota) she became finalists in early 2020, but her attempt seems to have ranked some directors. ..

“There is no denying that she wants to leave,” Marauul, chairman of the LBCC board, told Prestelgram in February.

Meanwhile, the board had held monthly private session discussions on Lomari for at least half a year by that time, according to the minutes of the panel meeting.

At some point, the board also adopted benchmarks to conduct the survey.

The investigation filed multiple allegations against Lomari, according to a court filing on Monday. According to court filings, these allegations include Lomari.

  • Repeatedly verbally abusing staff, including “screaming” at them, and making derogatory or insensitive comments to employees about their sexual orientation and race.
  • Instruct staff to dismiss employees without legal proceedings.
  • Making multiple false statements in her role as superintendent.And
  • Making false statements about her role in mediating peace agreements between rival gangs while working in Chicago.

According to court filings, the accusations of false statements “contained false and misleading information and falsely accused multiple trustees of serious misconduct, breach of trustee liability, and sexual harassment. This includes creating and distributing “unconfirmed documents” to law enforcement agencies and the media. , And other violations of the law. “

However, these claims are not the subject of proceedings — not yet.

Rather, they serve as evidence of the LBCC’s Monday court submission asking judges to force Jia to reject herself from discussing reports, including allegations.

“The board of directors must meet with an attorney at a private meeting to discuss the investigation. It may file a proceeding against (Zia) and Lomari in connection with the results of the investigation.”

According to the document, its legal action may include suing Lomari and accusing, suing, or prosecuting Zia based on the findings of the investigation report.

According to court filings, her allegations against Zia include her.

  • Despite promoting Lomari’s contract extension, her existing contract is not yet ready for renewal, while a Foundation investigation into the superintendent is underway.
  • In collaboration with Lomari, Nutuk and Marauul make a “false allegation” that they “tried to pressure Lomari to dismiss or demote an employee for making derogatory statements about the Nutuk trustee.”And
  • We will try to prevent the investigation from proceeding at public meetings from the end of last year to the present.

She added that the reason she didn’t reject herself was that the full report involved other board members as well, and that they also needed to be repelled under the logic of filing. Press-Telegram does not independently validate the content of the complete report.

“They have their hands dirty, and they have a much greater conflict of interest,” she said of her colleague.

Mr Zia said he believes the entire investigation report should be published.

“I think the public knows the full report and is worth seeing,” she said. “And it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money to be used for political reasons, and you decide for yourself how it’s weaponized.”

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Court filing blames former Long Beach City College president, current board member of fraud – Press Telegram

Source link Court filing blames former Long Beach City College president, current board member of fraud – Press Telegram

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