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The county health and welfare department announced today that the outbreak of Shigella declared among people experiencing homelessness in October 2021 has ended with no new cases for more than a month.

The last case of Shigella associated with the outbreak was identified on December 11, 2021, and the case remained at baseline for more than a month. This is only one case per week for people experiencing homelessness.

On January 14, the county sent a letter to the city authorities of San Diego informing them that the current outbreak of sigerosis no longer exists. The California Public Health Service also believes this outbreak is over. The county will continue to carefully monitor the number of cases.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the City of San Diego for your continued commitment to promoting appropriate and active hygienic intervention in your jurisdiction,” said County Public Health Officer Wilma J. Uten, MD, in a letter. Stated. “The city’s swift response and continuous communication, coordination, and collaboration with the county have successfully eliminated this outbreak.”

The outbreak of Shigella was first confirmed in early October when six homeless people were hospitalized for Shigella.

October 11, 2021, the county Health recommendations to the local medical community Keep an eye out for potential cases of Shigella.

At the same time, the county will work with the city of San Diego, potential exposure areas and homeless service providers to ensure proper hygiene precautions, increase the availability of public toilets, distribute personal hygiene kits and food services. By cooperating with, we have begun to alleviate the spread of dysentery. Providers identify additional cases and connect sick people to treatment and housing.

The county met regularly with the city and other stakeholders for three months to maintain and publish a website for managing the outbreak of dysentery and reporting cases. News updates to publicize new incidents and containment measures in place.

In total, 53 cases of Shigella were associated with outbreaks — 47 confirmed infections and 6 possible infections. All cases were identified with people experiencing the homeless. There were no dead.

The county’s ongoing disease investigation efforts continue to monitor cases and potential outbreaks of dysentery in the community and provide early intervention as needed.You can find archived details about this currently closed outbreak of Shigella here..

County Determines Shigella Outbreak Over | News Source link County Determines Shigella Outbreak Over | News

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