County commissioners to recognize July as Parks and Rec month

The Hays County Commissioners Court will recognize Parks and Recreation Month during Tuesday’s meeting.

Commissioners are set to approve a proclamation declaring July 2022 as Hays County Parks and Recreation Month

“Parks and recreation are an integral part of communities across this country, including Hays County. and while parks and recreation promote health and wellness by improving the mental and physical health of people who live near parks,” the proclamation states. Whereas parks and recreation promote time spent in nature, which positively affects mental health by increasing cognitive performance and well-being and alleviating diseases such as depression, attention deficit disorders and Alzheimer’s; and whereas parks and recreation encourage physical activity by providing hiking trails, swimming, educational programming and play areas to promote active lifestyles.”

In other matters, the court will consider taking steps to establish a payment system by Hays County for GPS monitoring as a condition of bond release from the Hays County Jail.

According to the county, an “ankle monitor” program is not commonly used in Hays County because of the costs associated with monitoring. However, an agenda document states that in cases where the person arrested would otherwise remain in the county jail, it would be fiscally prudent to facilitate an “ankle watch” order from the judge offering to pay for the use of the deception instead of the absorption of prison expenses.

Commissioners will consider approving the county judge to enforce a contract between Hays County and Texas State Sports Properties, LLC., regarding the sponsorship and advertising of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office at University of Texas events .

The court would consider a four-year contract for $286,000.

Commissioners will also consider possible action to hire a judicial clerk in the office of Peace Division 3. There will be discussion and possible action on approving office furniture for the peace court and specialized mental health court with a budget not to exceed $27,750.

The commissioners court meeting will begin at 9 a.m. at the Hays County Historic Courthouse located at 111 E. San Antonio St.

Those wishing to participate in public comment can submit a public participation/testimony form to the county clerk before 9 a.m. Tuesday.

For those not attending the meeting but still wishing to submit public comments to be read during commissioners court, visit the Hays County website to complete and submit a PDF form at publiccomments@co.hays.tx.us no later than 5 p.m. in the afternoon before the commissioners court met.

To view the full meeting agenda or watch the commissioner’s court live stream, visit https://hayscountytx.com/commissioners-court/court-video.

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County commissioners to recognize July as Parks and Rec month Source link County commissioners to recognize July as Parks and Rec month

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