Council Approves $ 15 Million Power Line Tree Trimming Contract – Pasadena Now

On Monday, the city council approved a three-item consent calendar, including a contract of up to $ 15.7 million to provide transmission line clearance tree trimming services to the city’s Water Authority.

The vote will clarify how Mayor Steve Mermell will sign the Utility Tree Service for the first period not exceeding three years, or for the earlier period before $ 9,432,000 is consumed. There are two optional one-year extensions, each not exceeding $ 3,144,000.

General Order 95 of the Public Utility Commission of California requires utilities to cut down trees in the vicinity of overhead distribution lines.

Pasadena Water and Power cuts an average of 7,800 trees per year in close proximity to energized wires.

As part of the agreement, the city accepted a letter from Pasadena-based Flintridge Treecare and canceled its bid to provide the city’s utility with power line clearance tree trimming services. Pasadena has bid $ 2,680,284 to carry out the work. The San Diego-based Utility Tree Service came in second. The two additional companies each placed higher bids to carry out the work.

The city council also voted to sign a $ 368,000 contract with Transcore to provide adaptive traffic control services as part of the adaptive traffic control network included in Phase II of the Metro Grant Project.

In Phase II of the Adaptive Traffic Control Network, the expansion of traffic control operations will add 31 signalized intersections throughout the city.

Adaptive traffic control operations are located at:

• Foothill Boulevard from Sierra Madre Boulevard to Michirinda Avenue

• From Lake Avenue, Orange Grove Boulevard to Sampasqual Street

• Delmar Boulevard from St. John Avenue to Lake Avenue

• California Boulevard from St. John Avenue to Lake Avenue

The council also voted to allow the mayor to sign a $ 230,000 contract with Ellis Equipment for TSleds and K-Rails.

An additional $ 35,000 will be allocated to the Ministry of Transport from the operational reserve of general funding for street meals.

K-rails are temporary concrete barriers used to protect surroundings, ban access, and define walkways. Barriers are used to protect the playhouse village and the outdoor dining area along Colorado Boulevard in Old Pasadena.

The city will pay $ 151,000 to rent K-rails and TLS2S LEDs, and an additional $ 110,000 to rent a barrier until June.

The council passed all items with one vote. No items were pulled out for further consideration.


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Council Approves $ 15 Million Power Line Tree Trimming Contract – Pasadena Now

Source link Council Approves $ 15 Million Power Line Tree Trimming Contract – Pasadena Now

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