Cosumnes CSD board to review 100-acre purchase for parkland | News

Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) officials anticipate a community park on the southern border of Elk Grove and will propose a $ 8 million purchase of 100 acres for that project. The CSD board will review this plan at its July 20 meeting.

“The district is excited to secure the park area for our growing community with funds dedicated to park acquisition and development,” CSD park administrator Phil Lewis told Citizen.

Plans are to buy two lots of neighboring farmland south of Kammerer Road near Promenade and Lent Ranch streets. This proposed park is less than half a mile from Sky River Casino, and also borders the residential development of Sterling Meadows, Lent Ranch and McConnell Estates Winery. If approved by the CSD council, the 100-acre park would be smaller than the 122-acre Elk Grove Regional Park.

The composition of this site is a 94-acre lot owned by the Alan C. Wackman Land Trust and a 6-acre lot owned by the Wackman Family Trust, according to the Sacramento County Appraiser’s Office.

The properties are outside the city limits of Elk Grove, but are still within the CSD parks and recreation service area, Lewis told Citizen.

In his report to the council, Lewis stated that securing a park is “essential” to meeting the needs of Elk Grove’s growing population. He noted that the Elk Grove Climate Action Plan estimates that the city will have more than 291,000 inhabitants by the year 2050. Currently, more than 178,000 people live in Elk Grove.

Lewis said his district’s park facilities are less than half the size of the national average.

“Purchasing this 100-acre property will allow the district to increase access to nature in our growing community, as well as improve acres per park compared to the national median,” his report said.

The 2018 CSD Parks and Recreation Master Plan aims to provide 5 acres of parks per 1,000 residents in the district’s service area. This plan defines a “community park” as a place that can serve residents living less than two miles from the park site in a suburban area.

Under the CSD’s $ 8 million purchase plan, the district will pay $ 5 million in debt financing and $ 3 million in park impact rates and Quimby fees. They will also spend $ 400,000 on Quimby fees to pay for property valuation and closing costs.

The CSD board meeting on July 20 begins at 6:30 p.m., at the CSD Board Office, 8820 Elk Grove Blvd.

Cosumnes CSD board to review 100-acre purchase for parkland | News Source link Cosumnes CSD board to review 100-acre purchase for parkland | News

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