Cosumnes CSD board begins redrawing division map | News

Cosumnes District Services District (CSD) Board of Directors passed district elections in 2019, which began in the 2020 election year. they will be represented by each of the five seats of directors of the board.

They govern the parks and recreational system of Elk Grove, as well as the Cosumnes Fire Department which serves the communities of Elk Grove and Galt. Directors are only elected by voters who live in their local divisions.

The current CSD division map has boundary areas that are based on population data recorded in the 2010 census. The future map of your council will be redesigned to reflect the most recent data from the 2020 census.

The first of two scheduled public hearings on the map was held during the March 2 meeting of the CSD board. They approved a $ 25,000 to $ 33,000 contract with Sacramento’s Redistricting Partners to develop and present potential maps for the CSD board at its March 16 meeting.

The directors are now in charge of approving a new map that has five divisions that contain approximately pairs of inhabitants. At the March 2 meeting, CSD legal counsel Sigrid Asmundson told the council that three boundary areas for Divisions 2, 3 and 5 are now deviating in their population size, so they do not meet the requirements of state law. .

“There has been substantial growth in some areas of the district,” he said.

CSD staff reported that the district’s 157-square-mile population has grown significantly since 2010. The Elk Grove City population alone has grown from 153,015 residents in 2010 to 176,124 residents in 2020, according to a CSD staff report. The CSD now has unbalanced populations in Divisions 2, 3 and 5, all based in Elk Grove.

Asmundson told Citizen that each division on the future map should have about 41,600 inhabitants.

CSD director Gil Albiani told the CSD board that they should focus on redesigning divisions so that their populations are balanced.

“Just balance the population and move the lines until they are all the same as you can,” he said. “That just makes sense to me. Anything else is what I think is a jerrymandering.”

Albiani represents Division 1, which covers the town of Galt and the rural Sheldon area of ​​Elk Grove.

Asmundson told the board that they are legally required to consider the racial and ethnic demographics of their district’s population, such as Latino, black, Asian, and white voters. They may also consider street lines, area compactness and communities of interest as neighborhoods when adopting their future map, he said.

CSD staff plan to adapt the redesigned map for April 17 to take effect for the November 2022 election. Once approved by the CSD board, the new map will be used until the 2030 census data is released. .

During the first CSD district elections in November 2020, incumbents Albiani, Orlando Fuentes and Jim Luttrell were re-elected without opposition. This November, the council’s Division 2 and 5 seats are open for election as their respective incumbents Jaclyn Moreno and Rod Brewer run for other positions this year.

The CSD website has a page where community members can submit comments on the district redistribution process www.YourCSD.com/891/Division-Based-Elections.

Cosumnes CSD board begins redrawing division map | News Source link Cosumnes CSD board begins redrawing division map | News

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