Costco offering new perk: Big discounts for online shoppers

Costco is looking for ways to increase the value of paying $ 60 a year for membership and keep it away from Amazon for online shoppers.

In short, we are expanding the online benefits available only to club members. Buy products from websites of about 35 brands and save over 20%.

The program is called Costco Next, and only a few brands first launched in 2017. However, Costco has recently enhanced it with a range of products including Anker phone chargers, Mikasa tableware, weathering outdoor wear, Invicta watches, HO Sports floats and tubes, and Sumbody skin care.

Costco is currently prominently promoting the program on its website and plans to add more brands and products next year.

Costco has engrossed more than 60 million members in shop browsing and spending $ 400 on Saturday afternoon. However, e-commerce accounts for a small portion of Costco’s sales, and its online business has slowed this year after a surge in 2020.

Retailers want online product discounts to give customers another reason to renew their membership and let shoppers know that Costco is more than just a physical store.

According to the Costco website, this program will help you bring in new products “while increasing the value” of your Costco membership.

Costco takes a similar approach in this program, narrowing down store membership options, primarily purchasing top-selling products that are considered most valuable to customers.

Instead of offering thousands of products from hundreds of brands, Costco chooses carefully selected items. Retailers say they are a popular product of the brand and often have limited supply.

Costco is applying other lessons from its in-store success, frequently changing products and adding new items to keep customers back and up to date.

We are also trying to create a similar treasure hunting experience with our online initiative. “Costco Next is constantly evolving and we are constantly adding new brands,” the website said. “Discover new features.”

Costco members can purchase products directly from the brand’s site and save on purchases using their membership number without coupons or promotions.

Costco offering new perk: Big discounts for online shoppers Source link Costco offering new perk: Big discounts for online shoppers

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