Coronado Beach Company – Island Tours, Beach Café, and Accidental Donut Shop

Tony Peri-Island Tours and Beach Cafe, Owner of Coronado Beach Company

Tony Perri Emerald C Gallery.. The “Island Tour” is a daily guided walking tour that takes about an hour and covers the rich history and culture of Coronado and much of the information in Jennifer Frank’s book. Crown city by the sea..


In October 2020, Penny Rothschild of Emerald C Gallery notified Tony about the available storefronts hidden at El Cordoba Plaza on 1339 Orange Avenue. The space has already been built and ready, and Tony has monthly rent from overhead and all the other details that go into the brick and mortar location.

Coronado Beach Company-Island Tours and Beach Cafe-is located in the courtyard of El Cordoba Plaza.


The original Coronado Beach Company was founded in 1886 and the company sold the land. In his research, Tony found that the company had never been registered in the state.Tony took over the name, registered with the state, and now proudly owns it Coronado Beach Company.. The main business is island tours, but now there is also a beach cafe.

Tony thought that along with the tour, he would serve coffee and donuts without knowing how popular the donuts were. He explains: “I opened the door as a soft opening just before Thanksgiving. I wanted to see what people liked. I spent three months building my place and finding the right bakery. It opened on March 1st. What I hear most is “This is so adorable!”. And it reminds people of Europe. “


When Tony started selling donuts, he was shocked by the reaction. He says: “I didn’t go out to the competition, but I found my niche. Donuts are flying off the shelves!” He sells dozens every day, and when spring break and summer come, he gets even more. It’s skyrocketing to sell. Tony doesn’t bake donuts himself, but there is a bakery that picks up fresh donuts every morning before opening.

Tony is learning the donut and coffee business. 180 donuts are sold on Valentine’s Day, and more and more children are going to buy donuts on Sundays. For this reason, he stocks up on sprinkled cake donuts. He says sugar twists and maple sell the least, and the most popular items are apple fritters, buttermilk, and cinnamon rolls. Rumors about donuts have spread. “People told me” that was when we had a donut shop on this side of the town. Beach cafes have more than donuts, but Tony hears many call him a donut shop.

Inside the Coronado Beach Company, where souvenirs and coronado art are lined up.

Café offerings include traditional packaged ice cream such as Klondike bars and drumsticks, water and soda, and other snacks. In addition to Coronado-specific novelty items such as tote bags and postcards, there are a variety of small items needed by beach enthusiasts, such as souvenirs, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm.

All the works in the store are for sale.Representative artists include photographers Dan McGeorge Tony Perri himself and someone who had a gallery in Coronado before.

Tony is doing the old fashioned thing. I never see him on Facebook or Instagram. The TripAdvisor website for Island Tours can be found at: TourCoronado.comHowever, it is not the shop itself. Customers who want to order large quantities of donuts are advised to come directly a few days in advance and let us know in advance.

A photo taken by Tony Perry introduced at the Coronado Beach Company Store.

Current business hours are 8 am to 6 pm but may be extended during the summer
1339 Orange Ave, Coronado 92118
The shop is closed Daily 3:00 pm tour

Coronado Beach Company – Island Tours, Beach Café, and Accidental Donut Shop Source link Coronado Beach Company – Island Tours, Beach Café, and Accidental Donut Shop

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