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The Coronano Luco Unified School District Elementary School Reopening Plan remains pending due to new state guidelines issued earlier this month.

The district exemption application was approved by state and local health authorities in November, but the school board struggled to decide when to return. When Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced the Safe Schools for All plan, the initial exemption was revoked due to new guidelines for reopening schools.

The earliest time for Coronavirus Elementary School to return is currently February 15, but the adjusted coronavirus case rate in Riverside County should drop significantly. Kindergartens and primary schools can be reopened if the county-adjusted case rate is 25 or less. The adjusted case rate for Riverside County this week was 127.5.

“We still have every intention to get our students back as soon as possible,” said Sam Buen Rostro. “Unfortunately, at this point, the community is still broad and the parameters for resumption are fluid. The return target date may have changed, but our goal and focus have not changed.”

The district’s pursuit to reopen school was a roller coaster.

Coronano Luco was one of the first inland public school districts to create plans to open all schools in a hybrid model that combines face-to-face and online instruction. The district set a return date when Riverside County moved to the less restrictive red layer of the state’s reopening plan. But before school resumed, the county returned to the purple layer.

At that time, only provisional kindergartens, kindergartens, and elementary schools were allowed to open while in the purple layer, only if approved by health authorities. Corona-Norco has withdrawn its original exemption request, believing that it may not meet all the requirements. The district resubmitted the application after being briefed.

The exemption was approved on 3 November, and the board met the following week to vote on the date of return. Elizabeth Malokin and Mary Helen Ibarra suggested returning to November, but Jose Laras, Bill Pollock and John Jickefus chose to wait until January. On December 28, the board reaffirmed the return dates of January 5 and January 12, as Pollock joined Malokin and Thorny.

Two days later, Newsom announced plans for Safe For All Schools, and the Board convened a special meeting on January 2 to review these return dates. Pollock voted for Jickefus and Laras to delay the reopening, allowing the district and board to study Newsom’s plans.

The question of whether to reopen school remains divided.

Annette Chavarria-Marron, the parent of the children in the two districts, said it was safest to wait for school to resume until the number of cases decreased.

“I only want children to go back to school, but people need to be aware that students aren’t the only ones affected by these decisions,” said Chavaria Maron.

Wendy Wilson, a district elementary school teacher and mother of two junior high school students, is dissatisfied with the delay. She organized a reopening school rally and established the Mental Health Task Force.

“I know so many students who are really struggling right now, and it’s really hard to see and hear their stories,” Wilson said.

Corona-Norco’s plan to reopen elementary schools still on hold – Press Enterprise Source link Corona-Norco’s plan to reopen elementary schools still on hold – Press Enterprise

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