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In the April 2019 issue of the journal Management Science, “Process Flexibility in Baseball: The Value of Positional Flexibility” Promoted the once novel idea. “We discover that top [baseball] A team can attribute at least one or two wins each season to flexibility alone, “the co-author writes. “Generally as a result of long subchains in the infield or outfield.” Co-author? Timothy Chan and Doug Fearing hired by Andrew Friedman to run the Dodgers R & D team in 2015.

Under Friedman and Fearing, the Dodgers were free to place players with defensive and flexible Iota around the field. Their models shattered the outdated notion of replacing first baseman with first baseman and shortstop with shortstop, both when injured in the middle of the season and when evaluating free agents each winter. This has added immense value to the careers of talented athletes like Chris Taylor. The person who profiled in this space yesterday.. Those players gave the Dodgers-reportedly-in return 1-2 wins each season.

Today’s newsletter is about Corey Seager. As the Dodgers, Seger played 5,539 innings on the field between the regular and postseason. All but 43-2 / 3 of those innings came to shortstop. He hasn’t spent innings on third base since 2015. This is Seger’s only professional position. He is not a versatile fielder.

But he is the most hit shortstop in baseball (By WRC +) Since its debut in 2015, it has not been called Fernando Tatis Jr. At the end of the World Series, 27-year-old Seger will also be a free agent.How Does the Dodgers Value His Value A crowded market for shortstops?? Do they even compare him to other shortstops? Let’s dive into.

Why the Seager stays in the Dodgers

Seger is doing big things well. He goes on base. He hits for power.He doesn’t strike out much for a man who hits the ball as hard as he does, and his walking rate It rose considerably in 2021.. You will really miss the forest where trees tickle Seger’s shortcomings as a batter.

When Seger was hit by a pitch earlier this season and broke his hand, he put the next two and a half months on the injured list. The Dodgers then tried to do what they often did well. They gave Gavin Lux, a midfielder drafted in the first round of 2016, a shortstop position. It didn’t work. Lux had .656 OPS when playing the last game as a shortstop. His defense was not enough To make up for his shortcomings on the plate.

Finding a dangerous batter from the left side of the plate was a challenge for the Dodgers this season.healthy Cody Bellinger When Edwin Rios It would help, but the Dodgers didn’t have either of those luxuries. Seger and Max Muncy are responsible for balancing the lineup. How much can the Dodgers rely on from Bellinger (and Rios) in 2022? Uncertainty in it may be the best reason to re-sign Seger after this season.

I’ll quickly reach his defensive shortcomings, but assuming he’s happy, consider a bit of the benefits of moving Seger to third base. Justin Turner, 36, is in his current position. He signed throughout the next season.Currently he is the average third baseman By OAA, And according to slightly below average DRS and UZR.. (If the defense numbers match well, it’s a rare gift.) 1) Whether Turner is most often used as a third baseman from start to finish in 2022, 2) There are better in-house options to replace him. It’s worth asking if.Prospect Miguel Vargas It may be two years away from playing a position at the major league level, and he seems closer Cody Horse at this point. If the Seager can play the average third base in 2022, the Dodgers will not miss the defensive beat.

The Dodgers would prefer not to carry two average to below average fielders on one side of the infield. Slide Seger to third base to insert a more angry, more athletic shortstop from the current list of 26 players.

Of course it leads us to …

Why the Seager doesn’t stay in the Dodgers

Trea Turner is not eligible to become a free agent until the end of the 2022 season. He is now inevitably playing second base – Seger is a shortstop.Trea Turner hasn’t been the best since then Ozzie Smith I’m wearing gloves, but he definitely has More range More than any of his contemporaries in shortstop. His athletic ability suggests that he will withstand better in the long run than Seger. If the Dodgers need to choose which of the two players to re-sign as the primary shortstop, Turner can gain an advantage based solely on defense.

Turner and Seger are different types of aggressive talent, but the value they have provided during their careers is Almost even.. That’s why it’s so helpful for Turner to be a versatile defender like the Dodgers. In the past, He also played center fielder..

Mookie Betts earn $ 365 million in 12 years The main reason is that you can fill with second base and midfielder when you’re not playing with the right fielder. Its diversity is not part of Seager’s portfolio. Go back and read Doug Fearing’s treatise. Now imagine the Dodgers backing up the Blinks track for a player who has been locked into one position in the last five years.

This is a convenient place to walk fast Friedman’s maxim about acting rationally for all free agents.. Maybe Seger’s steady clubhouse presence, and homemade Dodgers, and small sample-sized post-season heroes count more than logic suggests. Perhaps the front office will need to use a little more of its imagination to optimize the roster while Seger is tied to a long-term contract.

The 27-year-old Seger is a player who can and should have a contract for more than 5 years as a free agent. If Scott Boras can get 13 years for Bryce Harper, I don’t know where you set the floor on Seger’s next deal. It is the length of the transaction, rather than the money, that can give the Dodgers a pause.

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