Corey Gamble Testifies: Blac Chyna Assaulted, Threatened to Kill Rob Kardashian

Corey Gamble took a stand on Tuesday and presented his version of the events that took place between Blac Chyne and Rob Kardashian on December 15, 2016.

Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend Gamble swore as a witness in Chya’s ongoing defamation lawsuit against her ex-fiancé and her family members. He accused the Kardashians of disparaging him in this law document to the extent that they paid years ago. his $ 100 million revenue.

More specifically, Chyna refers to the social media posts that Rob shared after a couple of divorces, especially the series revealing nude pictures she leaked from her ex.

Chyna also claims that Kris and her daughter put pressure on E! cancels her and Robin’s reality show after just one season.

The defense called him to testify at a Los Angeles courthouse on Tuesday, and Gamble told jurors that he was awakened in the middle of the aforementioned night to call from Mobile to Kris.

“F-ck you, I’m killing you fat guy,” Gamble says after hearing Chyna scream in the background.

Because Rob and Chyna were staying at Kylie Jenner’s house at the time … and because it was only a few blocks away and Corey sensed that Rob was in big trouble … Gamble said he was driving his car to help.

At the front door, Corey says he heard Chyn screaming at Rob angrily, telling him he hates him and threatens to “kill him.”

Upon entering the unlocked door, Gamble said he saw Chy standing next to the bedroom with some sort of wand in his hand and Robin about seven feet away with a red face and neck.

Once Chyna spotted Gamble?

He dropped this wand, he testified, and took the phone line.

“He started hitting it on him,” Gamble said under oath.

“He hit Rob and I got in the middle and I got hit too.

“I had to try to get his attention on me [Rob] could get their property and leave home. I could smell alcohol from him. “

There was a “mess” in the house, Gamble continued, telling in detail how the floor had Christmas decorations and a broken gingerbread house.

Rob tried to leave, Gamble continued, grabbing his keys and wallet and heading for the driveway – but Corey’s car blocked Kardashian’s vehicle at the time.

At this point, Chyna claimed to have picked up the patio chair and tossed it into Rob’s car, Gamble testified.

“He jumped on his back and hit him in the back of his head,” Gamble said in court, adding:

“He tried to get a small table to throw it at him, but Rob was already in his car.”

Gamble hung in the house after Rob escaped.

“I asked him what was going on and he yelled he hated him … he didn’t like him,” Gamble said. “He said, ‘Why would I want this fat asshole if he’s not part of this family?’

When Gamble was asked why he decided to intervene in the fight between the former couple, Gamble looked at the jury and replied:

“I grew up around that kind of behavior. That’s why I told you [Rob] that this is not going to stop. I could just tell you that this was something he didn’t want to be a part of. “

Chyna has not denied her physical condition with Robin before.

He has even admitted to poking a gun at Kardashian’s head, saying himself in court last week that it was just a joke.

Elsewhere in this trial, Kylie Jenner testified that Chyna also threatened to kill her, and said that Tyga (whom both Chyna and Kylie have been dating) told her some time ago that Chyna had previously attacked him with a knife.

Corey Gamble Testifies: Blac Chyna Assaulted, Threatened to Kill Rob Kardashian Source link Corey Gamble Testifies: Blac Chyna Assaulted, Threatened to Kill Rob Kardashian

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