Cops: Golf cart driver leads slow-speed Los Angeles chase

A shirtless man driving a golf cart while holding a dog in his lap led Los Angeles police on a 10-mile chase, California cops say.

Screengrab from KTLA video

A man accused of stealing a golf cart led officers on a slow-speed, 10-mile chase with a dog in his lap, California police told news outlets.

A man brandishing a knife stole a golf cart from a shopping center at about 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, in the San Fernando Valley, police told KABC.

Television helicopter video showed Los Angeles police pursuing a shoeless, shirtless man driving the golf cart with a dog in his lap, KTTV reported.

The man led police on a 10-mile chase while weaving through traffic and moving into lanes on the wrong side of the road, KTLA reported.

The chase reached speeds of 19 mph, police told KABC.

The chase ended when the golf cart pulled into a parking lot, where it was blocked by a semi unloading a shipment, KTTV reported.

The driver jumped out and tried to run away, still carrying the dog, but police tackled him, KTLA reported. The man and dog were taken into custody.

The agency will not release the man’s identity until he has been medically cleared and booked, police told McClatchy News. The dog was released to family members.

Don Sweeney has been a newspaper reporter and editor in California for more than 25 years. He has been a real-time reporter based at The Sacramento Bee since 2016. Cops: Golf cart driver leads slow-speed Los Angeles chase

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