Coping with school shootings

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After the shootings at countless schools, parents and children were shocked and confused. Parents and caregivers struggle to explain terrorism to their children, while also fearing to be sent back to school. Baylor College of Science experts offer advice to those struggling in this difficult time.

Talk to your child

Before talking to a child about scary things, ask the child what they know about the event. According to Dr. Laurel Williams, pediatrician, professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Baylor and medical director of the Texas Child Mental Health Association, the biggest mistake parents make is when they have not been able to control themselves yet and start telling their children what they should do. to worry about. It may not be what the child first feels anxious about, giving them new anxiety or fear. If the child does not hear what happened, give them the right amount of information based on their ability to manage difficult news.

“Maybe kids have heard something, so asking questions about this and correcting any inaccuracies is an important first step. At the same time, limiting the appearance of social media to everyone, but especially between children, “said Dr. Eric Storch, professor. and vice president at the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in Baylor.

Storch also stated that parents should adjust their child’s behavior. Note:

  • Extreme stressful situations
  • Change in attitude
  • Sleep problems

What parents can do

Williams is encouraging parents to keep their children’s culture, which is more helpful children than not sending them to school.

Parents who are depressed and anxious about a tragedy should talk to an adult who they trust to melt their feelings — that is, if your children see you sad, you know how to talk to them about it.

“Kids can understand if you’re upset, so if you don’t share what’s bothering you, you can make the child upset. Don’t throw anything away to scare them, but don’t hide it.” Williams said.

Struggling as a teacher

For educators, share how they feel after a shooting school it is an important first step. As schools review their safety standards, they will begin to learn how to regain their composure in the classroom. Neglect is extremely difficult for everyone including teachers, so understanding how to feel healthy is important.

Enduring as a survivor

Survivors of such incidents may feel violent after hearing gunshots at school. They should work with someone they trust and feel comfortable with, so when something moves them, they can go back. able to cope with skills used in the past. Struggling can be personal, and there is no way to deal with injury.

“The crisis has left a scar on your body and mind. It is not something you have to deal with, but something you have got involved in. There is no effective way to solve the problem. pull for your weakness but accept that you can get help and you are not alone, ”Williams said.

Dealing with long-term traumatic stress in children

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