Coping with schizophrenia, when emotions can be too much

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People with schizophrenia usually experience more negative emotions and have more stressors than average. A new study by a psychologist at the University of Georgia reveals a surprising finding that can help people suffering from illness: although people with schizophrenia tend to manage low levels of negative emotions. , I have a hard time doing so as those negative emotions increase.

People adjust their emotions to move from one emotion to a more favorable state. It’s about returning to calm, transitioning to happiness, feeling less angry, or taking full advantage of another emotion.

Use clinical data from outpatients diagnosed with Psychotic disorder In the control group, this study focused on the differences in specific stages and processes of emotional regulation. Researchers use a scale that translates to levels of negative emotions from 1 to 10, where 10 represents the highest state of anxiety or emotional distress.

“The idea of ​​identifying a healthy person keeps track of what you expect. The more negative emotions you have, the more likely they are to manage it,” said a PhD candidate. Yes, says Ian Raugh, lead author of the new study. “At lower levels, such as 1 or 2, you probably won’t do anything to change it, but as the level of negative emotions rises, healthy people can engage in efforts to change their minds. The sex is much higher. “

But researchers have found that emotional regulation does not rise like those suffering. schizophrenia..

At higher stress levels, healthy people work to manage their emotions, while people with schizophrenia either don’t or can’t.

“They aren’t really likely. It’s really unusual, and people with schizophrenia don’t seem to try to manage their emotions when they’re really high,” he said.

Raff said schizophrenic patients are less likely to be hired Coping strategy Also Emotional regulation To make you feel better. And as the situation escalate in the negative direction, they are less likely to try to change the situation better.

“The term we use in psychology is” learned helplessness “or” belief of the loser, “and people think,” Oh, I wouldn’t do it. ” This is also common in depression. That aspect is probably driving to reduce attempts at higher levels. “

Researchers also examined the possibility that people with schizophrenia are simply exhausted. They also regulate when negative emotions are low, so they may be spending their efforts when doing so is least effective, or when they experience the least benefits. Hmm. So when their emotions are really intense, it gets much harder.

“Most of it comes down to what they aren’t so regulated when it’s most advantageous to do so,” Ruff said. “Our future research will try to better understand why they have less regulation at higher levels.”

“Our next goal is to determine if the same abnormalities are present in young people at risk of schizophrenia,” said Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the UGA Institute for Clinical Emotion and Neuroscience. And said Gregory Strauss, senior author of the study. “Increased stress responsiveness has long been regarded as an important risk factor, but these results suggest that regulation of stress response should also be considered. Years of onset of the same problem. If it is present before, psychological treatment tailored to the prevention of schizophrenia may be expected. ”

How do others help us adjust our emotions?

For more information:
Ian M. Raugh et al, Deconstruction of Emotional Regulation in Schizophrenia: The Nature and Results of Abnormalities at the Discrimination Stage, European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience (2021). DOI: 10.1007 / s00406-021-01350-z

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