Cooper has early lead in Sac County sheriff’s race | News

Jim Cooper, a member of the State Assembly and retired captain of the Sacramento County Sheriff, took the lead in the primary race to become the next Sacramento County Sheriff.

In the first results of the county election office reported around 8:40 p.m. on June 7, he won 56% of the vote while his opponent Jim Barnes, the county’s deputy mayor, won 43%. These results came from 11.41% of the ballots sent to those registered in the region.

In the last count of election night, Cooper maintained his lead at 54% while Barnes was still at 45%. The county election office was scheduled to announce its next election on June 10.

If Cooper has the majority of votes in the final count, he will win the election. The race will pass the second round in the November elections if none of the candidates wins a majority. The county election office must complete the June voting before July 7th.

Cooper and Barnes are looking to succeed Sheriff Scott Jones, who has chosen to run as a Republican for the Third District of California Congress this year.

This is Cooper’s second career for Sacramento County sheriff after he lost to Jones in 2010. He announced his 2022 sheriff campaign in February after much speculation that he would enter the race.

Cooper currently represents State 9th Assembly District. The Democrat was also one of the original members of Elk Grove City Council when he joined the city in 2000, and served on that board until he was elected to the Assembly in 2014.

Barnes garnered significant support early in the sheriff’s career after gaining the support of Jones and the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association, which announced its support last December.

As for Cooper, he is being endorsed by former Sacramento County Lou Blanas and current county attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

In the days leading up to the June election, both candidates took to Facebook and accused each of not doing enough to address rising crime in Sacramento County.

Barnes on June 3 declared for the first time that “crime in our county is out of control” and argued that Cooper spent his eight years in the state legislature relaxing the laws and “taking away tools from our law enforcement.” The deputy mayor noted that homicides in the county increased by 31%.

The next day, Cooper opposed Barnes by publishing that the impetus for the killings occurred under the leadership of his opponent.

“It’s no wonder crime in the county is on the rise. My opponent allowed the sheriff’s office to drop 140 officers,” Cooper wrote. “Poor staffing like this depletes services, reduces response times and leads to more crime.”

Cooper and Barnes could not be reached for comment.

Ho is currently leading the Sac County DA race

In the other Sacramento County police election, County Attorney Thien Ho had a strong lead with 58% of the vote in the Sacramento County District Attorney’s race, starting at 9 p.m. His opponent, Alana Mathews, who is a former county prosecutor, had 41% of the vote.

Ho is a Vietnamese immigrant who has served as a Sacramento County prosecutor for over 20 years. He has been supported by prominent figures and organizations such as Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, retired Sheriffs Blanas and John McGinness, the Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Association, and the Sacramento County Vice Sheriffs Association. .

Schubert ran as an independent for California Attorney General in the June primary. She yielded this week after reaching fourth place after winning 7% of the vote in the last count. Democrat and incumbent Attorney General Rob Bonta currently leads that race with 54% of the vote.

Results in the police races of the region

Sacramento County Sheriff: Jim Cooper – 55,277 votes (54%), Jim Barnes – 45,376 votes (45%)

Sacramento County District Attorney: Thien Ho – 56,824 (59%), Alana Mathews – 39,464 votes (40%)

* Last report on June 8, 12% of the ballots were scrutinized. The next poll by the county election office was scheduled to be announced on June 10th.

Source: Sacramento County Electoral and Electoral Registry Office

Cooper has early lead in Sac County sheriff’s race | News Source link Cooper has early lead in Sac County sheriff’s race | News

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