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Another controversial car wash hearing may not take place immediately.

The issue has clearly been postponed indefinitely, according to an item on the agenda of the Appeals Commission on Thursday.

“Staff have told the Zoning Appeals Commission that they will continue the conditional license # 6843 for real estate in East Colorado Boulevard in 2030 until an uncertain date and will not hear it on May 20, 2021 as previously scheduled. We recommend it, “said the attached note. Board agenda. “When the date of the new hearing is decided, the application will be re-notified.”

Residents living near the proposed Wild Wash Express car wash say the project will adversely affect their quality of life by increasing traffic and pollution in the eastern Pasadena neighborhood.

Many people wrote to oppose the project, and residents continued to write to cities against car washes in anticipation of the next meeting of the board.

“We recently moved to this neighborhood with our newborn son and puppy, and we’re going to raise a family here,” writes Daniel Bay. “There are already a lot of cars on the streets of South Berkeley Avenue. It’s terrible that this car wash will be built, which will only increase the congestion of the area. Needless to say, there are available residential areas in the immediate vicinity. There are already a lot of car wash machines that aren’t around. We have a lot of young families in our neighborhood and the construction of this car wash will have a big negative impact on the safety of the area. Rethink this. “

Car wash owner Tycho Pogosian said Pasade Nau Last month, his new Express Wash may ease the congestion rather than cause it.

“No matter what kind of use you put there, residents will raise some concerns about traffic, noise and air pollution,” Pogosian said. “That is, these are the three basic items that residents know have problems with all kinds of projects you have done.”

Pogosyan said these concerns would cause residents to write to city council representatives to find ways to mitigate some of the problems that arise during opening.

Four buildings were demolished, the existing driveway approach in East Colorado Boulevard was removed, and two approaches on San Marino Avenue were modified to give way to the Wild West Express car wash, 3,490 square feet along the east. A car wash tunnel will be installed. A Colorado Boulevard frontage will be built, two cue lanes will be built and two vacuums of 168 sq ft and 212 sq ft in the parking lot will allow vehicles to pay at the new 75 sq ft kiosk before entering the car wash tunnel. The equipment structure is built. It will be built, according to staff reports on the project.

In addition, the existing 2,580 sq ft facility and storage building has been refurbished to create 32 parking spaces with 30 self-service vacuum cleaners behind the new car wash tunnel, two for employees. , Three solar canopies will be built on the parking space. The parking lot will have an 8-foot-high block wall on the back of the building, refurbishing the existing 2,580-square-foot facility and storage building.

Improvements to various sites include landscaping, pavement, and striping.

On November 18, city hearings approved a Conditional Permit (CUP) for properties currently occupied by five buildings previously occupied by the vehicle services, sales and leasing businesses.

In response to public comments, the hearing officer added four conditions to address concerns related to traffic along San Marino Avenue and noise from vacuum cleaners along the southern site boundaries.

Site attendants need to direct on-site traffic so that vehicles do not block sidewalks or line up for public right of way. In addition, vehicles leaving the site are restricted to turning left only (towards Colorado Boulevard) to limit vehicles traveling towards residential areas in the south.

Because it is related to a vacuum cleaner in a parking space along the southern site boundary, the machine is only used between 8 am and 7 pm and only when required by the customer.

City officials report that the property is within the East Colorado Specific Plan on Route 66, which may be allowed to be washed with CUP approval.

The city estimates that this project is not expected to generate more than 300 trips a day, and projects that produce less than 300 trips a day are exempt from providing traffic surveys.

However, according to one Pasadena land-use lawyer, if your business runs from 7 pm to 8 pm with 30 parking spaces, 300 trips a day will take one parking space per hour. Equivalent to less than one car to wash. According to his analysis, car washes can lead to 990 trips daily.

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Controversial car wash hearings may be held indefinitely – Pasadena Now

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