Contra Costa among 1st CA counties to receive Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

San Francisco, CA (KRON) – The first shipment of the Moderna vaccine is heading to California.

The vaccine was loaded onto the plane in preparation for shipping nationwide.

This vaccine will pave the way for more frontline workers to be vaccinated.

“The Moderna vaccine has arrived, which is certainly good news,” said Governor Gavin Newsom.

Here in the Bay Area county, Contra Costa Health Service officials confirmed that they had received 13,800 Moderna vaccines on Monday morning.

Contra Costa was one of the first counties in California to receive the Modana COVID-19 vaccine.

The list includes Del Norte, Orange, San Luis Obispo, Tehama, and Tuorome County.

Regarding the public health sector here in the Bay Area, Alameda County public health officials say they plan to receive 14,800 Moderna COVID-19 vaccines by Christmas Eve.

Officials at the San Francisco Public Health Service’s COVID Command Center will receive approximately 6,000 vaccinations later in the week, and California guarantees San Francisco that the vaccine will continue to be distributed to the county on a rolling basis. It states that it did.

Within a private hospital in the Bay Area, UCSF Medical Center officials say they plan to receive 7,900 Moderna vaccines earlier this week.

Sutter Health plans to administer 25,000 doses in the coming weeks.

Stanford Medical Center expects 13,000 in the next few days.

Kaiser Permanente also hopes to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, but authorities have not provided a specific schedule for the vaccine to arrive.

Governor Newsom wants Californians to know that they have been given hundreds of thousands of Moderna vaccines.

“To be exact, 672,600 are expected to be received this week. There are already 110,000,” Newsom said.

Regarding the distribution plan, when the vaccine arrives, most Bay Area hospitals and health departments spoken by have stated that they will follow a state distribution plan that prioritizes healthcare workers in high-risk environments.

Contra Costa among 1st CA counties to receive Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Source link Contra Costa among 1st CA counties to receive Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

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