Conquering the Mighty Merced Whitewater Rafting

Exciting rafting experience at California Whitewater

Merced, California – This past winter / spring brought a ton of much-needed rainfall to our area. After the rain comes many opportunities for outdoor water sports. One of my favorites: rafting on the Merced River. This past weekend gave us the opportunity to fight with the Merced, to experience the rush of rushing waters while spending some quality family time outdoors. We welcomed them all with open arms.

News reports have current snow levels at 200% of normal and the rainfall for this year has exceeded the expected light years. All of this is amazing for all the local rivers and waterways, but especially good for the Merced River.

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Last weekend the temperatures were from the low to the mid 80’s and with a little heat comes more than a little melting of the snow and with the melting of the snow comes… rush! A lot of rushing water gushes at about 3000 cubic feet per second.

Full day rafting trip

We started our day trip around 9:30 a.m. Zephyr Whitewater Rafting is always our favorite rafting organization. They have top talent rafting guides, take great care of their customers, prepare an amazing lunch and ensure that everyone on the trip will have an epic white water rafting adventure. About 10:15 a.m. on our raft and headed for the river and almost immediately headed for the first rapid of the day, the Cranberry Hole. This was an opportunity to get our feet wet (literally) and a good idea for the rushing waters we had to follow with names like Imitator, Percolator, Ned’s Gulch. Crazy fun all of them. Around 12:30 p.m. We stopped for lunch on an island wave in the middle of the river. We sunbathed in the sun, dried up a bit, exchanging stories of our battle with the rushing waters.

The shooting of Ned’s Teeth, Juicer, Fluffy Bunny, Corner Pocket and the most epic of all… Split Rock started in the afternoon. Most of them stand out in Class 4 with a few more in category 3. All exciting, thrilling, fast river fun! Towards the end we hit a calm water section of the river where most of us jumped, cooled down and floated with the current.

Around 4:00 p.m. we reached the pick-up point, with the adrenaline still flowing from the amusement park train on the river. The short bus ride back to Zephyr Rafting allowed us to relax physically while still boasting proudly of our achievements of the day.
In the parking lot we were greeted by Picture This Rapid Shooter Photography which captured stunning images from all the rushing waters of the day trip.

The expressions on our faces say it all… This trip was INCREDIBLE!

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Conquering the Mighty Merced Whitewater Rafting Source link Conquering the Mighty Merced Whitewater Rafting

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