Congressman Panetta visits with Soledad middle school students | Salinas Valley Tribune

SOLEDAD — As part of the school’s participation in the SIFMA Foundation’s Capitol Hill Challenge Program, Parliamentarian Jimmy Panetta spoke with students at Main Street Middle School during a campus visit on May 28.

At the 14-week financial education competition nationwide, individual members and public schools in all member districts were paired to participate in an education program aimed at gaining a better understanding of the individual’s finances and economy.

As part of the Foundation’s stock market game, a team of students manages a fictitious $ 100,000 online investment portfolio of listed stocks, fixed income, mutual funds, impact investing, and cash. Students will learn about savings and investment and gain a better understanding of fiscal policymaking, the role of capital markets, and trends in the global economy.

At the end of the contest, the top 10 performance teams will win prizes and national awards, giving them the opportunity to interact virtually or directly with government, business and education leaders. The visit to Panetta’s hybrid classroom included less than 10 direct students, with the rest virtually attended via computer.

Students had the opportunity to ask Panetta about government leadership. In addition to providing some advice to young people, he discussed the impact of low interest rates on government borrowing, the role of parliament, and technological advances in the job market.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta will talk with students from Main Street Middle School on May 28 about government, work, and life advice. (Sean Roney / Staff)

“What you are doing now is far more advanced than I was at your age,” Panetta told students on Main Street. “I am honored to be here. I commend you for attending this class and wanting to talk about something that is really very important. That is your financial security.”

Panetta noted the growing impact of technology on the region and its ability to adapt to industry turmoil, such as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting local hospitality work. He said work could shift to a more engineering and technician base.

“To install a wind turbine on the California coast, we need to understand that type of technology,” Panetta said. He hopes that these future jobs will make Congress “not just make them accessible, but make them viable and make it more convenient for everyone to get involved.” I explained.

Before leaving, Panetta provided encouragement to students who may not know what the path of life is.

“If you don’t know your goal, my advice is always to do something,” he said. “Always move forward, it gives you more opportunities for you to make more decisions, more opportunities for you to move forward … always towards what you want to do I will continue to move forward. “

The SIFMA Capitol Hill Challenge began in 2004 with the goal of helping students develop their financial abilities. Since its inception, the program has coordinated more than 5,500 matches between US representatives and senators with middle and high schools, reaching more than 133,000 students.

Melanie Mortimer, Chairman of the SIFMA Foundation, said: “By investing in financial capacity, we are investing in youth, democracy, and the success of this country.”

Congressman Panetta visits with Soledad middle school students | Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Congressman Panetta visits with Soledad middle school students | Salinas Valley Tribune

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