Computerized clinical decision support could be essential buttress for the new normal of team-based primary care

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The primary care of the group is increasingly being seen as a response to the growing problem of scarcity of health resources in the current and future epidemics, the aging U.S. population and rising health costs. Paper from reporters Paul Dexter, MD and Titus Schleyer, DMD, Ph.D., of the Regenstrief Center and Indiana University School of Medicine, well-designed champions of clinical decision making in the recording system electrical health as an important and efficient tool. to ensure that the health care team is functioning properly, ensuring safety and efficient delivery of care.

“The team of physicians developed through an advanced computer decision support system is stronger than one or the other and has become more efficient and reliable,” said co-author Dr. Dexter. “The challenge is to be innovative in finding out how the software can streamline health care delivery through the collaboration and efforts of the organization and improve communication between team members.

“It’s not just one doctor caring for a patient; today, we need to weave in more and more providers for health care systems, including nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses, nurses and pharmacists, all of whom are increasingly qualified. We must also ensure the availability and benefit of computer-assisted clinical advice tailored to a wide range of needs primary care services, “said Dr. Dexter.” EHR vendors have a long way to go to improve the organization’s quality of life, but I’m sure it will be identified when the needs are considered. “

Computer clinical decision support provides evidence-based information and guidance. In addition to providing medical references, such as reminders that a patient is eligible for specific immunizations, these tools may alert when a patient does not undergo a recommended cancer screening or a specialist counselor; send a notification when a new treatment appropriate to the patient’s condition has received FDA approval; or deliver a direct order to a member of the group to contact the patient on a specific schedule. Alerts and messages are delivered securely to specific team members for consideration and the possibility of responding if appropriate.

In their paper, Drs. Dexter and Schleyer found opportunities to support computer clinical advice to help primary care physicians to spend most of their time caring for a different health care team, rather than yourself to provide the most care, thus increasing quality without sacrificing quality. They see the benefits in the following areas:

  • preventive care
  • acute conditions usually treated in stores such as sore throat or sinusitis
  • the search for new signs begins
  • routine care
  • solution solution
  • renewable non-narcotic drugs
  • following up on recommendations including recommendations from experts
  • tracking missed appointments or testing to diagnose the disease

“We are only in the early stages of providing real and effective first-team care using computer-assisted clinical decision-making. hospital care only .With this understanding we can design appropriate support using information technology and data, “said Dr. Schleyer.

“Gold Opportunity for Clinical Counseling in the Age of Group Health” is published in AMIA (American Medical Association) Annual Conference.

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Learn more:
Paul R. Dexter et al, Golden Opportunity to Support Clinical Decisions in the Age of Organization Health, AMIA (American Medical Association) Annual Conference (2022). Download: 35308955.

hint: Computer-assisted clinical decision support may be an important buttress for the new primary care-based approach (2022, April 19) retrieved 19 April 2022 from 04-computerized-clinical-decision-important-buttress.html

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Computerized clinical decision support could be essential buttress for the new normal of team-based primary care Source link Computerized clinical decision support could be essential buttress for the new normal of team-based primary care

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