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The government is doing it again! The Supreme Court recently ruled that it will not hear the truck’s AB 5 case. Without a relationship with employees, Lorena Gonzalez wrote the controversial 5th Legislative Act of the California State Assembly, which lays down a strict definition of an independent contractor and who the company employee is (called the ABC test), and in our case, the truckers.

Without realizing or caring what the results would be, Governor Newsom approved this bill. Jason Rabinowitz, chairman of Teamsters Joint Council 7, “considered it a significant victory in Teamsters’ decades-long battle against the wrong classification of the truck.” And Teamsters CEO Sean M. O’Brian added, “Eventually, the port truck drivers and so many others” (who combined all types of trucks) “will be able to get together all over California” (oh yes! Join Teamsters ). and paying monthly dues) “and earning a fair wage that allows them to help their families.” It is a pity that California lawmakers and those in office in California are bowing back to unions because they are giving large sums of money.

First, this law effectively deprives a person of the right to choose their business, in their own way. This was done in accordance with the laws of the territory. Many saw that they could not earn enough to buy a house as an employee. That’s why they got into the business on their own, already having employees. I’ve often seen this with former employees who became independent contractors, and I’ve seen them move forward like never before. Before I knew what they were doing, I worked in my current job at the same truck company for 17 years.

But now, after years and years of investing funds, they buy and manage their truck business, paying every year the heavy state permits, taxes, insurance, etc. required by each company to legally have every year (they have their authority, they’re not from another company working with licenses or permits), they now see that this right has been taken away from them with the stroke of a pen, by a misguided government that has once again overtaken it.

Because of the impact this law has had on hundreds of professions and their reaction, Lorena Gonzalez has already exempted many of them with AB 2257. Gonzalez says: “After hearing the additional opinions of freelance writers, photographers and journalists, we are making changes. To the 5th Bill of the Assembly, which responds to their needs and which still protects them from misclassifications. “

But he didn’t want to hear the opinion of the truckers even when they went to the Capitol. This is the case when an ignorant parliamentarian and government does not understand the broad consequences of making a one-size-fits-all bill. He should not be allowed to choose who he wants to ask. It should apply to everyone, or it shouldn’t apply to anyone. Time. This bill reviews dozens of other independent contractors, in addition to those stated in their statement above, who are exempt from certain sections of the ABC Test so that they can continue in their lines of business (see full list online).

For our valley, the results will be visible to everyone. This will affect all construction businesses and will have a major impact on projects already underway, such as the High Speed ​​Train (whether you like it or not) and highway construction projects in all regions of California.

On the way to work, you see Bakersfield and Kern County projects under independent contractors (look at the different names on the construction trucks you pass) to get enough trucks to do the job. No individual company can supply enough trucks for projects to complete the work on time, so as has been the case for many years now, we have the confidence and work of our members ’aggregate truckers. So it seems like our local highway construction projects are going to last forever, guess what, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Tekla Patton is currently the director of the office of Triple E Trucking LLC’s local aggregate transportation truck company.

Community Voices: Truckers of all types hurt by law | Community Voices Source link Community Voices: Truckers of all types hurt by law | Community Voices

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