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The last year and a half has been a truly irreplaceable year. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed our daily lives in unpredictable ways in early 2020, forcing each of us to adapt to a radically different world.

The first five committees quickly recognized the challenges that the pandemic posed to families, especially families with young children, and swiftly raised $ 5 million as an emergency fund to support the most severely affected communities. approved. The funds will be used to procure necessary emergency supplies such as adult and children’s masks, disposable gloves, cleaning supplies, baby wipes, diapers and infant formula, and non-contact thermometers, and will be used in the first five county offices throughout the state. And was distributed through a local agency. The First 5 Commission recently approved an additional $ 2 million to continue these important efforts.

First 5 California has also launched a new First 5 California Parenting website (first5california.com) Contains a wealth of resources, tips and advice on parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes discussing parenting with your child, distance learning, and safe holidays and birthday celebrations.

Available in English and Spanish, this website gives parents access to a directory of resources to help them find information on food assistance, financial assistance, immigrant families and people with disabilities. You can also find the local First 5 County Commission website and phone number, as well as available resources and support.

The most important action parents and caretakers can take now is to get vaccinated. Vaccination can protect not only your own health, but also the health of your child and family. We know that some people hesitate to get the vaccine, but the COVID-19 vaccine has been evaluated by tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials and is the safety and efficacy needed to support emergency use authorization. , Meets the FDA’s strict scientific standards for manufacturing quality. ..

Vaccines and tests are provided free of charge to everyone living in California, regardless of immigrant status, and the state reserves 40% of its vaccine supply to the communities that need it most.I recommend going to everyone myturn.ca.gov Schedule an appointment or visit your local county health department or your local health care provider’s website. For additional information on booking schedules and getting tests, covid19.ca.gov..

These are the most difficult times of many generations, but the end is finally coming to an end. First 5 California will continue to be there for families today and in the future, and every child in California will live. Allows you to get the best start with. And prosper.

Camilla Maven is Executive Director of First 5 California.

Community Voices: Parenting during the pandemic | Community Voices Source link Community Voices: Parenting during the pandemic | Community Voices

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