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If they sued and lost me for $ 12 million, and then saw my friend and neighbor start making the same mistakes, wouldn’t I be left with nothing to say? The answer is yes, so I’ll tell you something. History teaches us something about relocating our community because we have one of the deepest legal precedents we have in our backyard, which should lift the back hair of your neck if you pay attention to the current state of the city. Bakersfield.

In 2011, when Kern County racially divided the constituencies of Latino voters and then lost them in federal court (Luna v. Kern County), it was not only the financial burden of the taxpayer who had to pay the settlement, it also affected. Kern County was affected by the disaster, especially in terms of its impact on the 2018 election process. Worse, it revealed a much deeper and more tragic view of our local leadership culture. Some of our leaders revealed that they are motivated to keep the white power in Bakersfield.

This time, however, the racial attack is not just aimed at the Latino community; it is also aimed at the black and punjabi communities in our city. Oddly enough, listening to the comments and conversations in the chambers, the nomenclature is the same as it was in the 2011 provincial chambers. Even more troubling is our mayor Karen Goh, who was one of the people in charge who helped. With the fall of the county in 2011, the council is now in the process of making a decisive vote if a councilor is absent on the day of the vote. The points are not well connected.

Here’s the reality: whether you agree with me or not, Bakersfield’s racially motivated power base is influencing processes that should be the same for everyone. Just listen to the public comments in the plaza, while board members Bruce Freeman, Patty Gray and Ken Weir mixed oral attitudes about the race, making the diverse audience shudder and angry. Under their words comes racial disconnection and white privilege. It is clear that there is an agenda and it does not take into account the needs of the minority in the city of Bakersfield. In fact, it is just the opposite.

The redistribution is currently on two very different maps. The 2C map, also defended in the first illegal way by Council member Ken Weir, divides the Punjabi community into four districts, the black community into five, and the Latin vote is diluted across the city, leaving only a white majority in government. Bakersfield City. I’m sure the national media will have a field day with this story, and it’s a shame for us to consider such a map.

The “Unity” map, on the other hand, helps to ensure fair and equitable governance throughout the city of Bakersfield, while keeping our city out of the courts. The 2C map is heavily influenced by a political faction that has been trying to hold on to power for another 10 years, and Unity Map was created by a broad section of Bakersfield communities and is very supportive. You’d think it would be a slam dunk, but it’s not like that.

For the record, you have voices like Linda Fiddler, who was zero in the county redevelopment process in 2011 talking and writing about this (Community Voices: Make your voice heard on Bakersfield redistricting, March 5), and Michael Turnipseed of the Kern Taxpayers Association Concerning the high cost of potential lawsuits in general public comment, as well as retired Kern County High Court Judge Robert Tafoya, he told the city in a written public comment, “Bakersfield City Council should avoid unnecessary and necessary litigation. It’s an expensive lawsuit.”

As in 2011, the same people who accurately predicted the fall of Kern County are now dismissing the concerns expressed by the city of Bakersfield as the same “leaders” who have taken us from one cliff to another. 2011 to keep themselves in power. All things being equal, if the municipal government does not abandon the 2C map, expect another multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Jeff Heinle is the California State Representative for the 34th District Assembly.

Community Voices: Legal precedent on redistricting should be instructive to Bakersfield City Council | Community Voices Source link Community Voices: Legal precedent on redistricting should be instructive to Bakersfield City Council | Community Voices

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