Community to OUSD: ‘You have the opportunity … stop this whole madness’

Oli “Who are the schools? Our schools, ”parents, teachers and community members protested against the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, urging the class to adjourn the meeting and move on. on the web.

Opponents of the dice approached with signs that read, “Hands off our schools” and “No school closures” after the class failed in their decision to end the closures. Seven schools, including Parker K-8 and Community Day, closed. at the end of this school year. A motion by Director Mike Hutchinson to leave the decision on the program next Wednesday fell to a 3-2 vote, with President Gary Yee among the opposition. But after the meeting, Yee said he would put the decision on the list “for the first time.”

The public speaking session lasted more than an hour, with members of the community – many of them elementary school children – asking the class to reopen Parker and replace the replacements. six of which will be closed or closed next year. .

“You have the opportunity to not only delay but to end this whole madness, and unfairness of the financial crimes committed on the backs of our children,” said Autumn, a teacher at Esperanza Elementary School. . “And there is money, so there is nothing wrong with money. You have the time, so take it.

Parker K-8 (Callie Rhoades) lives

Hutchinson, who opposed closing the school after most of the class agreed to them in Feb. The decision fell 4-2, with Hutchinson and Van Cedric Williams opting. This is the second time since February that the decision has not been passed.

Voting against Hutchinson’s proposal, Director Aimee Eng said now is the time to first make the change for students and teachers who have been reassigned to the new schools.

But the The Parker community came together in the fight against that idea. Parents and others have been on campus to protest the closure of the school since May 26. After months of protests, groups and hungry for replacementparents and community members took over the school and refused to leave.

“We’ve been asking for the same thing since February,” Rochelle Jenkins, Parker’s parent organizer, said in an interview at the school. “They left us. They pushed us to the side. They refused to listen to any of the parents or the community.

Jenkins said the company also wants to keep the building a asset to the community. Residents provide students with classes, games, physical education, community building activities and food.

“You can’t be angry with us or make us do something big wrong because we want to continue educating the children in our community and give them something they owe,” he said. said Jenkins, about OUSD’s response to them. the industry.

Parker's Parent, Rochelle Jenkins, was standing in the street from Parker Elementary School

‘We will continue to fight for our children’s education’: Rochelle Jenkins

As long as they demand to reopen schools, stop school closures and mergers, and get OUSD support for communities affected by the closures, residents say they stay in the field.

“We’ve done it in a different way before,” Jenkins said. “You know, we come to class meetings, we tell them what we think. So we’re staying at school and that’s it. Maybe it’ll happen or we’ll go here.

Parker K-8, which is the Parker School, has been part of the East Oakland community since 1948. Prior to its closing May 25, it served about 300, black and Latino, students. students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

The work

Although Parker’s replacement shook the community, it wasn’t the first of its kind. In 2012, Oakland families joined Lakeview Elementary after the school board decided to close it and four elementary schools. The stay lasted more than two weeks before Lakeview closed for good.

Clothes in front of Parker Elementary School in Oakland, CA
Community camp on Parker K-8 campus. (Callie Rhoades)

Jenkins said he and Parker’s roommate Azlinah Tambu were encouraged by the Lakeview chair.

“He called me and he was like,‘ We need to do what Lakeview did and set up a seat, ’” Jenkins said. “So I was like, ‘Yeah. You know what? That’s what we’re doing.'”

Jenkins said as a result of Parker’s stay, he and others would continue to fight for their communities.

“If they say, ‘You can’t go to school anymore,’ we’ll go out with that, ‘” he said. “And we will continue to fight for the education of our children and our community.”

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Community to OUSD: ‘You have the opportunity … stop this whole madness’ Source link Community to OUSD: ‘You have the opportunity … stop this whole madness’

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