Community College Corner: Meet IVC Student Yohann Byun

NOTE: As a trustee of a public college, I have been fortunate to meet amazing people. The last few weeks I have been paying attention to the residents of Irvine who studied well at IVC.

Johan Bün is a native of Irwin, having graduated from Woodbridge High School. Although he was accepted to the University of California, Santa Barbara, he decided to stay here in Irvine and enroll in Irvine Valley College (IVC). Johan says he chose IVC because he knew it would be a path for him to move to one of the schools of his dreams – UCLA or UC Berkeley.

The decision to enroll in IVC has definitely paid off! Now Johan is preparing to go to UCLA, where he was accepted into the business economics program.

Johan said: “IVC professors and staff have helped me gain self-confidence and seek participation on campus!” Johan believes the college provides students with the resources they need to transition into elite universities, including the best schools in California.

While working at IVC, Johan founded a branch of the National Society of Honor – the National Society of Leadership and Success. He has also been active in the Financial Finesse Club, serving as a representative of the Club Board and Marketing Director. In addition, Johan was the coordinator of the Research Opportunities Group within the Honors Program and was able to participate in his own research projects at the IVC / Saddleback Symposium, UCI Symposium and Southern California Student Research Conferences.

Johan’s long-term plans include obtaining a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. He can then obtain a master’s degree in taxation or apply to the law school. His goal is to become a tax accountant and, ultimately, the company’s chief financial officer (CFO).

I want to wish Johan success when he starts his next chapter at UCLA!

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Community College Corner: Meet IVC Student Yohann Byun Source link Community College Corner: Meet IVC Student Yohann Byun

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