College students from San Diego, Chula Vista among Rhodes scholars for 2022

Sayeh Kohani, a senior at Stanford University in San Diego, did not have the opportunity to study abroad as an undergraduate because of COVID-19.

Currently, Oxford University in England is waiting for her.

The 21-year-old from La Jolla, one of two college students in San Diego County, was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for graduate studies in Oxford next year. Also selected was Senior Alexandra Ali Martinez of Brown University in Chula Vista.

Kohani and Martinez are one of a cohort of 32 US recipients, including records of 22 females selected during the year. The recipient was announced on Sunday.

A special investigative commission from 16 regions in the United States selects and interviews finalists before selecting two students from each region. The 32 Rhodes Scholarship students will start in October in Oxford.

“It hasn’t sunk at all yet. I think I was very shocked, but it’s still the case,” Kohani said on Sunday. “I am very much looking forward to living in a whole new environment, learning and meeting people from all over the world.”

She described the large number of women among scholars as “a big step in the right direction.”

“It’s unbelievable to be part of this incredibly powerful group of young women I know will do great things in this world,” she said.

Sayeh Kohani

Sayeh Kohani of San Diego is one of the 32 US recipients of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

(Clara Everett)

Kohani, a graduate of Lahoya’s Bishop School, majors in biotechnology and minors in public policy. Her academic and laboratory research focuses on neural wiring that drives cognitive processes such as memory, vision, and smell.

Last fall she founded NeuroConnect. NeuroConnect pairs university students across the state with residents of memory care and life support facilities with neurodegenerative diseases. The goal, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is to combat the negative effects of social isolation on the progression of disability in the population, Kohani said.

For Kohani, it’s personal. Her grandmother had Parkinson’s disease. When Kohani went to college, her grandmother’s condition declined rapidly. “I think it has a lot to do with being alone,” Kohani said. Her grandmother died in 2019 when Kohani was a freshman in college.

At Oxford, Kohani plans to study physiology, anatomy, genetics, as well as evidence-based social intervention and policy assessment.

“I think I’ve always been interested in the intersection of science and policy,” Kohani said. As the University of Southern California, social factors are often related to health, and the fields of science and policy have various health consequences, including the disproportionate impact of pandemics on the number of male and female deaths of Latin immigrants. She said she needed to deal with. Study showed..

Alexandra Ali Martinez

Chula Vista's Alexandra Ali Martinez is one of the 32 US winners of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Chula Vista’s Alexandra Ali Martinez is one of the 32 US winners of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

(Ivonne Martinez

A product of a family of immigrants from Mexico, Martínez, 21, majors in international affairs and public relations, as well as studies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her honors include an oral history project focused on families living on the US-Mexico border and an ethnography on the impact of US policy on immigrant children.

Martinez, who runs cross-country and brown trucks, has worked with international organizations in public interest law with a focus on reforming immigrant justice.

“I’m mainly enthusiastic about supporting the community that raised me,” said a graduate of Olympian High School. “My study-both oral history and ethnography-really tells the story and story of our community, especially the story of the immigrant community as a way to critically rethink our immigration and the global immigration system. Priority is given. “

The story of immigrants allows people to treat them humanely instead of disrespecting them or criminalizing them, she added.

In Oxford, Martinez will hold a PhD in Immigration Studies.

“I want to broaden my horizons to tackle global immigration issues,” she said. “This scholarship has come at the best time for me to grow or grow as a leader.”

Martínez, president of the Brown Pre-Law Society’s student group, hopes to attend law school someday to work on international and human rights law.

Martinez said he was proud to be part of the historic cohort.

“I’m constantly inspired by women who are leading brave efforts to improve the lives of people around the world,” she said.

College students from San Diego, Chula Vista among Rhodes scholars for 2022 Source link College students from San Diego, Chula Vista among Rhodes scholars for 2022

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